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   Chapter 295 Accomplishing Stage Three Of Overlord Body-refining Formula (Part Two)

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Gradually, Austin began to immerse himself in the exploration of the art of swordsmanship. The more he delved into it, the less pain he felt.

At last, he was so immersed in the contemplation of the swordsmanship that he reached a state of selflessness and nothingness. There was nothing else in his world but the swordsmanship. He even forgot his own self. It was a world free of worries, joy or sadness. In this world of swordsmanship, the rules of the swordsmanship dominated all. The sword auras and sword intents spread everywhere and the swordsmanship was the heavenly law.


A crisp sound rang out in his soul, as if a new life had come into existence when an egg hatched.

The next moment, Austin found that another ray of sword radiance had appeared in his soul. Altogether four rays of sword radiance shone in his soul now.

Level four sword intent!

Austin felt that his soul was like a sharp sword which was about to come out of its sheath and charge forward.

With full sword intent surging inside, Austin suddenly let out a howl. From his body, a stream of sword aura hurtled out and soared into the sky with great momentum.

As the sword aura whooshed forward, the liquid medicine was agitated and it surged and splashed around like a fountain.

"Damn it! I'm still in the middle of cultivating the Overlord Body-refining Formula. The liquid medicine has cost me three million vital energy crystals. I can't gather it up if it spills all over. This is a great loss!"

The surge of the liquid brought Austin back to his senses as he awoke from the nothingness of the swordsmanship. He suddenly realized that he was still soaked in liquid medicine inside the metal barrel.

Austin was anxious to save the liquid medicine, but at the same time, he suddenly realized something strange.

'Wait! The liquid medicine seems to have lost its power. And I feel my body has become different. It seems that I have successfully accomplished stage three of the Ov

nd, master. I'm your slave, and you can do anything to me. I would not say no even if you want my body now..."

Violet grinned and joked after she saw Austin's embarrassed face.

"Violet!" Austin hissed, as his face reddened.

"Fine, I'll turn around. Is that okay?"

Violet felt upset that her master was angry at her. She pouted and turned around.

Austin hurriedly reached for his clothes and put them on.

Much to his relief, he had succeeded in achieving the stage three of the Overlord Body-refining Formula. And now it was time to go back to Sun Sect.

He was a principal disciple of the Sun Sect now. Besides cultivation, the principal disciples of the Sun Sect also had to finish the tasks assigned by the sect.

Sometimes, the sect would provide principal disciples with various opportunities to improve themselves through trials outside the sect.

The best way for the warriors to grow in their strength was to practice through real fights. Austin intended to do the same.

He felt uneasy. He had left soon after he had become the principal disciple. This was a long time ago. If the sect had had some task for him during this time, it would have been inappropriate for him to be absent for so long.

With this in mind, Austin immediately set out to rush back to Sun Sect at full speed.

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