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   Chapter 294 Accomplishing Stage Three Of Overlord Body-refining Formula (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7164

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At a hidden valley over twenty miles away from the Peace Town, A large metal barrel was lying on the ground. Fire burnt vehemently beneath it as the liquid within the barrel bubbled and boiled away. The strong herbal scent spread far away and attracted bees and butterflies. They flew in swarms to the valley and danced around the barrel.

Beside the barrel stood a handsome young man who was gazing intently at the boiling liquid medicine inside.

"Okay, it's the right time to start."

The man who stood beside the metal barrel was none other than Austin.

"Violet, you have to keep guard. Make sure no one walks in to interrupt me," Austin told Violet through his mind power. It was extremely important for him to remain undisturbed.

Austin had learned a lesson from his last experience. To prevent the same thing from happening again, Austin summoned Violet and told her to be vigilant.

Fortunately, the last time when the inner disciples found him, he had already successfully completed the cultivation of the stage two of the Overlord Body-refining Formula. But if they had arrived in the middle of his cultivation, he would have been in great trouble.

Violet jumped out from the Illusion Bead after Austin's order. She walked some distance away from the metal barrel to guard against any intruders.

Seeing that everything was in place and he was protected well, Austin immediately took all his clothes off and jumped into the metal barrel. Then he got into the posture required for cultivating the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

As soon as he immersed himself in the liquid medicine, he felt comfortable and relaxed. It was as if a spring breeze stroked his face while he was bathing in sunshine. He closed his eyes and imagined the cool breeze softened his skin while the warm sun rays made him feel joyous inside. He felt indescribable comfort and was overwhelmed with the great bliss he was experiencing.

However, at a certain point, the liquid medicine began swirling vigorously and soon a powerful vortex was formed. The magical power of the medicine flocked together from various d

ience he had the last time when he cultivated the stage two of the Overlord Body-refining Formula. It was as similar as this one, albeit drastically milder in terms of suffering.

At the thought, he immediately summoned his sword intent. In no time, three rays of sword radiance popped out from his soul. Streams of sword aura and sword intent carried by the sword-lights came to help the soul to maintain sobriety and protect it from being disturbed or harmed. They could prevent the soul from suffering a breakdown that the great pain in the corporal body might cause. The three rays of sword radiance continuously hacked at the various distracting thoughts that attacked his soul, and also cleared the pain that traumatized it.

While the three rays of sword radiance fought, they were also empowered in this process.

As Austin had expected, in a state when his corporal body was extremely anguished and sensitive and his soul was extremely clear, the cultivation of the sword intent went ahead with great effect than ever. It was at least dozens of times more effective than the cultivation in a normal state.

As the three rays of sword radiance were being empowered through the process, Austin got a more thorough understanding of swordsmanship. A lot of enigmas and riddles that he had encountered before were immediately solved. He could see through the nebulous shape that these puzzles previously had.

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