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   Chapter 293 The Head Of the Blood Wolf Team Visits

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Far into the distance, the disciples of the Sun Sect saw some movement. A few minutes later, and after much squinting, one could see a group of heavily built men coming towards them, looking unfriendly and intimidating. The disciples who guarded the mountain hurriedly approached the group with a sense of foreboding.

"Stop. This is the boundary of the Sun Sect. Please introduce yourself. "

The disciples of the Sun Sect dared to call out to the group in a commanding voice.

Being on his own turf and charged with the responsibility of protecting the Sun Sect's realm, the disciple bellowed to show not the slightest fear.

"haw-haw... I am pleased to inform you that the head of the Blood Wolf Team is coming.

And then an enormous resounding laugh was let out by the head of the Blood Wolf Team. Its harsh sound was like metal clattering loudly against each other.

The disciple of Sun Sect was shocked when he heard the name Blood Wolf Team.

In the Violet Orchid Empire, the Blood Wolf Team was considered an evil force, an almost equal in force to the Five Factions. This was a fact known to every single warrior in the Empire.

And now the legendary leader of the Blood Wolf Team had suddenly come to Sun Sect for mysterious reasons.

The disciple dared not neglect them and so he flew to inform his superiors immediately.

In a matter of minutes, Theon, the leader of the Sun Sect, with the six Elders and several stewards, came to meet the Blood Wolf Team.

'ha-ha, your excellency, head of the Blood Wolf, Abbot Nangong, we are pleased to welcome you.

Each and every Sun Sect disciple is deeply honored by your sudden visit. What have you come here for?

Theon's was very polite in his behavior for he too knew the strength of the Blood Wolf Team was not much lower than the Sun Sect's.

The history of the Sun Sect was far more established and much older but the Blood Wolf Team too contained many masters. A large number of masters were in the Earth Realm and many too were in the Mysterious Realm. Abbott, among all, was a master in the Mysterious Realm.

In the territory of the Violet Orchid Empire, if one force has masters were in the Mysterious Realm, other warriors will not easily choose to provoke them.

Because in the territory of the Violet Orchid Empire, the masters of the Mysterious Realm are already the most powerful warriors.

The quantity and quality of the masters in the Mysterious Realm represent the strength and connotation of a force.

"That is very kind of you, Theon Xiang. I have come to your sect this time, mainly for one of your disciples named Austin.

Six of our thirteen Wolf Generals died at his hands.

Theon Xiang, forgive me for being rude this time and ask for justice from your sect."

"What? Six of your thirteen Wolf Generals were killed by Austin!"

Why is Austin at it again? He starts fresh trouble even before he solves the last one," thought the Elder of the Flaming Sun Vall

, Austin.

The reason why Steward Su went to the Peace Town was to help his nephew our outer disciple, Marvin.

Steward Su disappeared after he arrived in the Peace Town, and then, it was found out that his nephew, Marvin, too disappeared."


It's him again!

Theon and the six Elders exchanged glances as soon as they understood what was going on. How much trouble did Austin heap on their heads?!

"Johnson is a steward of the sect. Of course, disputes arise in the sect. But Johnson should have resolved it peacefully to maintain harmony among the sect. How could he help his nephew instead?"

said Theon.

"Sect Leader, Steward Su's action may be due to his love for his nephew, but even so, Austin should not have been disrespectful and offend his superior. He dared to kill the Elders of his sect, which is a capital crime!

This Austin is proving himself to be evil and causing trouble everywhere. Through his eccentric deeds, he has been tarnishing the image of the Sun Sect everywhere!

Sect Leader, I think we should arrest Austin, announce his crimes and punish him by death!"

said Jaime, in an eager tone pouncing at the chance to depose him.

"Elder Luo, Austin is a disciple of our sect. Anyway, there is no real evidence. We can't just punish him on mere hearsay.

Let's call Austin back first and start an inquiry before coming to a conclusion.

Yes, I don't think that Austin comes off as an evil person. No one can be wrongly punished without any real evidence.

Even the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team can't slander my disciples at will."

A red-faced Elder said slapping his hand on the table with a loud thud.

"Let's send disciples to call back Austin first. Then we can initiate a thorough investigation before convene on this again.

Of course, if Austin is really a man of great evil, we, the Sun Sect cannot tolerate existence of such black sheep in our family. Lest we get laughed at by others."

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