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   Chapter 291 Cultivation Of The Spiritual Sense

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Austin's first effort to refine the Energy-promoting Elixir had failed. He collapsed to the ground from fatigue. He really needed a rest.

After a long time, he stood up again and began his second experiment.

In this way, he failed three times in succession and wasted three portions of medicinal materials.

However, little by little, he became acquainted with the refining process of the Energy-promoting Elixir. By his third attempt, he had obtained some basic experience on how to control the size and temperature of the flame during the refinement.

An hour later, during his fourth attempt, he found that an elixir was finally taking shape.

The elixir glowed with a beautiful faint blue luster like a diamond.

Austin opened the lid of the herbal pot and picked up the elixir. Then, he carefully put it in a jade bottle.

Finally, he had succeeded in refining an elixir.

He took a deep breath, and then put the jade bottle under his nose and sniffed. The strong fragrance emitting from the elixir was refreshing.

He felt that the quality of the elixir wasn't bad considering it was the first one he had ever refined.

Cheered up by his success, Austin continued his refining of the Energy-promoting Elixirs.

He succeeded the second time.

And then the third.

He kept refining the Energy-promoting Elixirs. . .

The final time was a success too.

In the end, Austin had refined seven Energy-promoting Elixirs from the ten portions of medicinal materials he had procured.

The more he practiced, the better the quality of the Energy-promoting Elixirs he refined became.

This was the result of the continuous improvement of his alchemy.

Austin quickly threw on his disguise so that he could bring these seven Energy-promoting Elixirs to the elixir store where he had sold the muscle-generating powder last time.

Once he left the inn, he cautiously chose an alley with fewer people.

He knew that he had made many enemies recently.

His biggest concern was the Blood Wolf Team since he had killed dozens of its members. All those members hadn't been strong and their cultivation bases had been at Energy Gathering Realm or Earth Realm.

Of course, Austin had also killed Raymond, the grandson of the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley. Even though he was doing his best to be careful, he was still afraid that the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley would track him down to avenge his grandson's death.

The Flaming Sun Valley was a big sect that was stronger than the Sun Sect. With its power and resources, the Flaming Sun Valley could easily find out that Austin was involved in Raymond's death.

Moreover, he had also killed Johnson, the steward of the Sun Sect. There were only dozens of stewards in a sect. Losing a steward was not a trivial matter, so the Sun Sect would certainly attach great importance to it and carry out a thorough investigation.

Austin knew that his cultivation base was pretty high since he was at the premium stage of Earth Realm now.

But he had many strong enemies. He was facing the three major forces of the Violet Orchid Empire: the Blood Wolf Team, the Flaming Sun Valley, and the Sun Sect.

On the other hand, he was all alone and helpless in the world.

There were many strong cultivators in these sects, but he was confident that with his current strength, he could defeat the cultivators who were at the Earth Realm.

But if and when he had to face the cultivators who were at the Mysterious Realm, he would be in serious trouble.

Therefore, he had to keep a low profile until he w

ect on spiritual sense.

Austin calmed down and let his spiritual sense tightly lock the powerful crystal. After a while, he sensed the peculiar energy contained in the powerful crystal gradually infiltrate his spiritual sense and become the nutrient that strengthened it.

Half a day later, Austin had completely absorbed the energy of the powerful crystal in his hand, and his spiritual sense was also strengthened.

He was delighted to find that after absorbing the energy of a piece of powerful crystal, the range of his spiritual sense had increased to about four hundred and fifty meters.

In other words, the energy contained in a piece of powerful crystal could increase the strength and range of spiritual sense by fifty meters.

Spiritual sense was a special skill that was extremely difficult to cultivate, but the powerful crystal eased the process along. It seemed that Violet was right to value the powerful crystal so highly.

For the next few days, Austin immersed himself wholeheartedly in absorbing the energy of the powerful crystals.

Five hundred meters.

Five hundred and fifty meters.

Six hundred meters.

Six hundred and fifty meters. . . .

Five days later, he found that his spiritual sense could reach a distance of nine hundred meters.

In the process, he absorbed the energy of ten pieces of powerful crystals.

The strength of his spiritual sense had also more than doubled.

Austin was very satisfied with the current strength of his spiritual sense.

Finally, he stood up and stretched his body. He had been sitting motionless for five days.

His eyes brightened when he suddenly remembered what day it was.

Today was the day that Austin had an appointment with the shopkeeper of the elixir store. He could go to the elixir store and collect the medicinal materials needed for his cultivation of the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

If one cultivated the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, his bones, muscles, and veins would be thoroughly reformed and he would be able to resist the invasion of most toxins, so almost no disease could threaten him. Even fire and water wouldn't be able to easily destroy his body. He also would be able to resist the full-fledged attack of a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. His punch would have a force of about eight thousand pounds.

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