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   Chapter 290 Refining Of Energy-promoting Elixirs

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After killing five Wolf Generals of the Blood Wolf Team, Austin went back to the hotel.

He took out the rag he had bought with over a million vital energy crystals at the auction and began to examine it carefully.

There seemed to be a map on the rag. Although some of the details on the map had started to fade, they were still distinguishable.

On the map, Austin saw rolling mountains with a river on each side. The highest mountain peak was marked with a circle.

'Does this circle indicate the location of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire?

But there are dozens of these mountains there, so trying to find the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire by just using this map will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!' Austin thought in frustration.

He continued to stare at the map for a while before putting it away. 'The only way I can find the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire is if I happen upon it by chance. There's a very slim possibility of me finding it with this map.

It seems that I spent over a million vital energy crystals on it for nothing.' He was very disappointed.

There were about ten days left for Austin to retrieve the medicinal materials for cultivating stage three of the Overlord Body-refining Formula from the elixir shop.

During this period, Austin planned to spend most of his time on elixir refining.

Although he had just begun to study this skill, he was already fascinated by it.

Next, Austin spent about six hours on practicing the Golden Sun Scripture formula.

Vital energy cultivation was the foundation for a cultivator, so Austin took some time to cultivate Golden Sun Scripture every day.

However, ever since he had made a breakthrough by reaching the premium stage of Earth Realm, he felt like he had hit a plateau in vital energy cultivation base.

There was no sign of another breakthrough for him.

Austin knew that his progress in vital energy cultivation had been very fast. It had taken him less than a year to advance from grade two of Energy Gathering Realm to the premium stage of Earth Realm.

No one would believe that he had progressed at such a high speed.

Normally, it would take an ordinary cultivator's whole life to make a breakthrough to the premium stage of Earth Realm. In the Sun Sect, many stewards and cultivators at the premium stage of Earth Realm were already forty or fifty years old, and some of them were even about sixty years old.

Austin knew that a cultivator shouldn't only focus on the speed of his progress, but on the stability of the realm and quality of the vital energy as well.

If he pursued the speed of progress alone and neglected the strengthening of the realm he had reached, his cultivation base would be affected.

His capacity and skill wouldn't be on par with the cultivators who had consolidated the cultivation realms they had made a breakthrough to.

So, Austin wasn't eager to just make a breakthrough. He wanted to keep strengthening his vital energy foundation every day.

After practicing the Golden Sun Scripture for several Circulations of Vital Energy, Austin took out the herbal pot and the medicinal materials he had bought for Energy-promoting Elixir refining. With the quantity of materials he had, he'd be able to make ten Energy-promoting Elixirs.

For cultivators who were under level five of Energy Gathering Realm, Energy-promoting Elixirs could be very useful for their vi

ile, they were transformed into a drop of light violet liquid.

Now, the essence of all the three medicinal materials for Energy-promoting Elixir cultivation had been extracted successfully.

For the second step of elixir cultivation, Austin needed to mix the essences of the different medicinal materials.

Under his control, the liquid masses in the pot began to blend with one another, creating a series of sizzling sounds.

An hour later, the prototype of an elixir with a rough surface formed in the flames.

'Wow! It's so easy!' Austin thought to himself.

This was the first time Austin was trying to refine Energy-promoting Elixir. He was a little surprised that the first two steps had gone so well.

The third step was to solidify the elixir.

It was a critical step and would need a lot more vital energy than what Austin had used in the first two steps.

He took a deep breath. After several hours of refining, he had consumed about fifty percent of his vital energy to maintain the temperature of the flames in the herbal pot.

He summoned the vital energy stone that was in his belly and a large amount of vital energy gushed from it.

Soon, Austin felt the vital energy in his energy meridians reach its peak again.

He realized that the vital energy stored in the vital energy stone wasn't sufficient for his current vital energy cultivation base.

'It seems I should replenish the vital energy in the vital energy stone, ' he thought.

He transferred a stream of vital energy into the herbal pot and the flame inside it immediately intensified.

Under the control of his spiritual sense power, a cluster of boiling flames quickly covered the Energy-promoting Elixir prototype.

Under the pressure of the flames, the elixir began to solidify.

However, after a few seconds, Austin heard a fizzing sound coming from the herbal pot. A cloud of heavy smoke rose from the Energy-promoting Elixir prototype.

'Damn it! The flame is too strong!'

Austin was disappointed by the result.

He had spent so many hours on elixir refining only for it to fail in the end.

Elixir refining was such a tedious job! It seemed that it wouldn't be easy to stick to it if he didn't have enough patience and stress tolerance.

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