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   Chapter 289 Kill Five Wolf Generals! (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6217

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Wrapped with remaining force, the sword-lights moved on to the Wolf General, piercing a dozen deep holes into his body. Blood spurted out in slow continuous pulses.

Losing his momentum, he backed away as fast as he could.

However, Austin continued to cultivate his thought, and a black light flashed in front of him. In the blink of an eye, the tenth Wolf General found one black dagger flying towards his chest like a bolt of lightning.

The dagger appeared so abruptly that the tenth Wolf General could only resign himself to death as he watched it plunge into his chest.

Gritting his teeth, he raised his left hand and tried to block the dagger.

Crack! His right hand flew out in front of him with a stream of blood.

Before he could regain his breath, another dagger appeared, making its way directly towards his chest with tremendous power.

In desperation, he reacted the same way as before and waved his right hand to block it.

The other hand also flew out, accompanied by another stream of blood.

Austin laughed as his body jumped forward. His bones creaked as if firecrackers had been set off. His blood was fully boiled, with 5000 pounds of strength, his fist flew through the air toward the Wolf General's chest. A gust of violent wind howled as his fist passed through the air, like thousands of men and horses galloping forward.

The tenth Wolf General was so severely wounded that he wondered how he could manage to survive this violent blow.

Facing the constriction caused by the fist, he couldn't move any part of his body, nor could he breathe. His will utterly collapse.

"Young hero, spare my life!"

he pleaded. However, Austin ignored his cries for mercy, his fist continued to crush him with the weight of 5, 000 pounds of divine power all pouring into the chest. Immediately, the tenth

that he killed multiple members of Blood Wolf Team? He has butchered six warriors with the cultivation base of Earth Realm and a number of men with the cultivation base of Energy Gathering Realm, ' Commander mulled over these startling facts.

"Ha-ha-ha, good, good, good, very good. Young hero! It is true that the younger generation will surpass the older one. I don't believe we have encountered such an outstanding youngster.

But for a young man, showing the full extent of his ability can easily prompt an early death.

Please see to it that everything is prepared. I am going to visit Sun Sect in person. I must urge Sun Sect to hand over Austin!

Or else we, Blood Wolf Team, will vow to avenge our dead brothers on the entire Sun Sect.

A war will be declared if need be!

We will show the world what happens when one irritates the Blood Wolf Team!

We will not budge because of this damn lad with a cultivation base of Energy Gathering Realm!" Commander stood with his head held high as he delivered his passionate speech.

Half a day later, like the wind sweeping the last clouds away, more than a dozen red flood dragon horses galloped from the headquarters of Blood Wolf Team toward Sun Mountain.

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