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   Chapter 288 Kill Five Wolf Generals! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6476

Updated: 2019-06-29 00:14

The tenth and eleventh Wolf Generals were fully urging their vital energy force to attack the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array deployed by Austin from outside.

Suddenly a cry for help could be heard.

From the left wing-room, a young female with her hair hanging loose on her shoulders rushed toward two Wolf Generals. She was covered by only a few pieces of gauze.

"My lords, the fat is in the fire now! The lord who came with you was discovered. He was wounded by my master who also threatened to kill me for my collusion with outsiders! Please go help him quickly!" She screamed as she ran up to the Wolf Generals.

When the woman stopped in front of them, the eleventh Wolf General spoke, his voice full of rage.

"What happened? Is it Austin? How dare he wound my twelfth younger brother!"

Growling to himself, he added, "Austin, I will kill you with one slap."

He was about to rush forward to the left wing-room, when all of a sudden, the tenth Wolf General saw something suspicious flash across the woman's eyes.

An illusory black fox claw appeared, wrapped in turbulent power, and fixed on the other Wolf General's back as he headed to the left wing-room.

"Watch out, brother! This female is not what she seems to be."

Despite his shouting, it was already late.

Before he could turn around, a surge of power had poured into the eleventh Wolf General's back.

In desperation, he deployed all the surging vital energy force to his back, forming a protection hood.


A great force was produced from the clashing of energy, throwing the eleventh Wolf General forward.

Unsteady on his feet, he flew forward more than twenty steps before he could catch his balance.

Then a stream of blood spurted from his mouth.

He was more seriously injured from the sneak attack than it appeared.

"You are a demonic beast!"

Witnessing the attack, the tenth Wolf General discovered

th fox claw and illusion.

Despite his good battle ability and rich practical experience, he could barely stand his ground due to his serious injury from Violet's sneak attack.

Violet's attack was too fierce for him to withstand and danger was lurking from all sides.

The tenth Wolf General felt a causeless sharp pain whirling in his brain upon being caught by Austin's Spiritual Sense Flying Needle.

It was as if an iron needle were stirring his brain.

Austin seized this opportunity to send his Violet Royal Sword blade forward and employ Illusory Swordsmanship, more than thirty sword-lights sprung out like splashing water.

The tenth Wolf General had barely relieved himself of the sharp pain in his brain when he found another thirty-odd sword-lights approaching him. Panic-stricken, he was forced to fight a life-or-death battle.

In a moment of desperation, he instantly delivered another illusory tiger to defend himself from the sword-lights.

The majestic-looking tiger howled, baring fangs and brandishing sharp claws.

But the sword-lights drew near and hit hard at the illusory tiger before it could fight back.


With a crisp sound, the newly-formed illusory tiger couldn't bear the force and quickly vanished into nothingness.

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