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   Chapter 286 Honey-trap (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7313

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Austin was astonished when he heard Violet had broken through the medium stage of Earth Realm. It was unbelievable that the powerful crystal greatly helped Violet's cultivation.

As Austin and Violet communicated internally, the five Wolf Generals of the Blood Wolf Team, who had been trailing them for a long while, were getting closer.

Amongst the five Wolf Generals, Austin's spiritual sense could perceive that one had reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm while other four were respectively at the medium stage of Earth Realm.

Considering the adverse situation––the conflict between the two sides and the significant difference in their numbers––Austin rushed out and run into an isolated alley, aware that the Wolf Generals outnumbered them.

The five members of the Blood Wolf Team followed Austin closely, not losing his trail.

At the end of the alley stood a big deserted house. Two stone lions coated with dust which looked imposing squatted on both sides of the entrance. Upon walking into the courtyard, one would be welcomed with such a desolate scene––weeds had swallowed the entire yard, and cobwebs were scattered everywhere. The place looked spooky and totally abandoned.

Finally, on Austin's track, the five Wolf Generals arrived at the entrance of the deserted house.

"Is this the place where that guy stays?

Look, the house is very dilapidated and looks uninhabited for a long time. Did that guy sense us trailing him so he purposely let us follow him here?" said one of the Wolf Generals.

"Hum, Austin is a warrior whose cultivation base is just at the Energy Gathering Realm. Are we, the five warriors whose cultivation base is at the Earth Realm, afraid of that guy playing some tricks on us? Let's go inside and see what he wants to show us. I bet he is here," another one of the Wolf Generals retorted.

They didn't believe that Austin would do something unfavorable. So, they stepped in the house confidently.

As they entered the courtyard, they were stunned to see that state of its landscape.

What came into their views was a large piece of land in the courtyard covered by wildflowers and bushes. As it had been d

I have endured contempt and suffered a lot. What I want is a stable life. In fact, if anyone of you promises to give me a stable life, I will choose you to be my master."

The girl looked at the twelfth Wolf General, tears welling up in her eyes.

Hearing her plea, the twelfth Wolf General was ecstatic as it seemed that the girl was willing to be with him.

"Is it true that she will be with me? Am I dreaming? If I have her to accompany me for the rest of my life, I will be so happy!" The twelfth Wolf General asserted, deliriously overjoyed at the thought of the girl's company.

"You're not dreaming, I am your girl from now on. Believe it or not, I am standing in front of you and never to leave you." The girl grinned at him. "That makes a deal. Now, you will follow me wherever I go and won't disobey any of my commands.

If you really want to be my girl, I want to give you a test. So, will you have sex with me? I can't wait to eat you up!"

Heart occupied by sexual desire, the twelfth Wolf General was totally dominated by his lust. The only thing he wanted to do was to immediately take possession of her body.

"Don't hurry. I once worked in Pink Delights House, and I know the duties of girls like me. Since you are my master, as you like, I will do anything you want.

There is a vacant room on the left. If you really want to take care of me......then...." A red flush suffused the girl's cheeks as she said that.

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