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   Chapter 285 Clue To Finding The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire (Part Two)

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But since the Unearthly Fire had little significance for ordinary cultivators, and the only thing being auctioned off was a clue to finding the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire, there were hardly any bidders.

The auctioneer did say earlier that it was only useful for pill refiners and fire cultivators.

So, he was somewhat disappointed over the crowd's lack of enthusiasm.

Just when the auctioneer was starting to think whether the auction of the clue to the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire was going to be a failure, someone spoke up.

The first bid was announced.

"1 million 100 thousand vital energy crystals!"

"1 million 150 thousand vital energy crystals!" a second one called out.

A few moments later, the highest bid was placed at 1 million 500 thousand vital energy crystals.

The number of bidders dwindled, and the interval between each bid became protracted because they needed to wait awhile before starting a new bidding.

Finally, when the bid price came up to 1 million and 530 thousand, the bidding stopped after a very long wait.

When the auctioneer on the crystal stage was about to announce this as the last bid price, Austin finally decided to make an offer.

As a pill refiner, Austin was well aware of what he could gain by obtaining the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire. In case he won the clue and found the Unearthly Fire, he could further enhance his pill refining skill.

Although he would only be bidding for information on how to obtain the Unearthly Fire, he still stood a better chance of finding it than someone who didn't have a clue. It is said gaining wealth involved taking a risk. Maybe if Austin strove hard enough, he would be successful. After all, Austin never lacked spirit when it came to fighting.

"1 million 600 thousand vital energy crystals."

He offered the bid price through an audio button in his room, so no one was aware of his identity.

Another bidder made an offer.

Then the auction house remained silent for several minutes.

When Austin spoke through the audio system, someone seated at the corner of the house sneered.

of spiritual sense.

"Violet, the five stalkers are not weak. One of them is at preliminary stage of Earth Realm, while the rest are medium-stage of Earth Realm cultivators.

Each one is known to have a rich fighting experience, and their vital energy forces have been compacted inside their bodies making them powerful fighters.

I assume that they all belong to the Blood Wolf Team.

So, they will be tough to deal with. I'm afraid I can't do this alone.

While it may not be hard to get rid of them, I am telling you it will not be simple if I want to kill them all.

"Humph! With this never-ending battle with the Blood Wolf Team, I'm certain they want me dead, but I want to kill them even more!"

After saying this, Austin pondered about their situation.

"Hahaha! Master, you can certainly try. We have a premium stage of Earth Realm cultivator, as well as a medium stage of Earth Realm cultivator. Since you're not weak and have several trump cards on hand, there are few opponent in your realm who was able to fight you. Perhaps, we can kill five people altogether."

"A premium stage and medium stage of Earth Realm cultivators?" Austin mumbled.

Although stunned, Austin immediately understood the implication.

"Violet, do you mean to say that you've made a breakthrough?

And your strength is equivalent to a medium stage Earth Realm cultivator?"

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