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   Chapter 284 Clue To Finding The Dark Bone Gloomy Fire (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6743

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Anyone who has lived in the cultivators' world knew what the name "Dark Wind Sect" meant, so when the eighth Wolf General of the Blood Wolf Team heard this, he resigned himself by keeping quiet because no one dared offend the sect. At this point, threatening them with "Blood Wolf Team" was useless.

"One million and 700 thousand vital energy crystals!"

It was with gritted teeth that the eighth Wolf General announced his bid.

"Two million vital energy crystals!" a familiar voice rang out from the Dark Wind Sect's position.

Because the voice was dull, it was impossible to tell if the man was pleasant or angry.

When the eighth Wolf General heard this, he became quite upset. Since he was a cultivator of the medium stage of Earth Realm, owning two Energy-advancing Elixirs would enable him to make a great breakthrough in vital energy cultivation, and allow him entry into the premium stage of Earth Realm.

However, two million vital energy crystals were already beyond his financial capacity since the total amount that the five Wolf Generals brought this time was only 1 million 900 thousand.

So, the two Energy-advancing Elixirs would undoubtedly go to people from the Dark Wind Sect.

The auctioneer was quite pleased with the final bid price. He thought one million vital energy crystals was very satisfactory for the two Energy-advancing Elixirs before the auction started. But two million was twice that amount and already a bonus!

After he announced the result of bidding for the two Energy-advancing Elixirs, a waitress came out holding a black wooden box. Then before the whole audience at the auction, she put the mysterious box on the crystal auction block in front of the auctioneer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the next item up for bid is extremely precious. It was genuinely born between heaven and earth in a natural way—the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire, ranked eighth in the list of the Earth Fire.

This precious item will not be of much interest for most ordinary cultiva

This clue of the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire will have a total of five copies to be auctioned by our Ganges Auction House. This means anyone who gets the clue will be facing four competitors in the search. Do you understand?

All right, I have said enough. Dear friends, take time to think about this carefully before bidding."

Among those terribly disappointed by the last announcement was Austin.

And he had reason to be frustrated. First, they were only bidding for a clue and not the real Dark Bone Gloomy Fire. Second, even if he won the bidding, there were still four competitors that he had to face. And last but not the least, the clue only gave a 40 percent chance of finding the Unearthly Fire.

It was truly disturbing news. In the auction house, many people who initially planned to spend a lot of money to bid for the Unearthly Fire promptly canceled their participation.

So, Austin decided to wait and observe the proceedings. It would give him a sense of how much people would be willing to bid to win the clue. If the prices weren't too unreasonable, he would take a chance.

Banging the gavel, the auctioneer started the bidding. "Everyone, the reserve price for the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire is one million vital energy crystals. We shall start the bidding."

He stood and waited for people to make offers.

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