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   Chapter 286 Honey-trap (Part One)

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Nervous, she fiddled with the corner of her dress and with her head down, afraid of making any sound.

"You four are my great buddies, right? It is time to show the solid friendship between us. Now, I don't want to be disturbed by anyone while I am "cultivating" with my girl. If that jerk, Austin, whose cultivation base is at the Energy Gathering Realm, dares to come here, I am assured that you four can prevent him from spoiling my fun." The twelfth Wolf General grinned at his mates.

As soon as he finished his words, he could not wait to sling the girl over his shoulder and rush into the vacant room.

"My boy, it is not fair that we stay here while you enjoy yourself. There is no such thing as free lunch. We should at least have a bite of your lunch."

One of the Wolf Generals criticized with a smile creeping out of his mouth.

"Okay, it is time to stop joking. I have inspected the area while you four stared and drooled at the girl. I am sure that Austin must have hidden somewhere in the courtyard. We must find the bastard and kill him before we leave. We have no time to waste. The longer we procrastinate, the more likely he might escape."

His words seemed very plausible. All the Wolf Generals except the twelfth Wolf General agreed that the first thing they should do was to find Austin. They walked into the inner courtyard one after another, and cautiously looked around.

Suddenly, a weird feeling loomed above them.

"Be careful. I can sense that there is something unusual. These are signs of array exclusively left by someone whose cultivation base is at the premium stage of Earth Realm."

One of the Wolf Generals warned his teammates.

Hearing his warning, everyone abruptly stopped moving and held their breaths, their eyes opened in case of any dangers.

"Shit, they found out the array in such a short time."

Hiding in the shadows, Austin used Magical Aura-changing Skill to hold his breath as long as he could to avoid being spotted. He had planned to trap and annihilate the four Wolf Generals by using Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array.

However, things did not turn out as planned. As the four Wolf Generals were about to fall into the Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array trap set by Austin, his trace had already betrayed his whereabouts.

It was not a bad plan after all. Austin was somehow comforted when he saw that two of the Wolf Generals walking in the front had fallen into the Array.

As for the remaining two Wolf Generals who walked behind, they were not trapped by Austin's array.

"Anyway, I have to trap the first two in my array, then I can spare time to defeat the others by virtue of my strength." Austin thought a scheme in his mind.

Without any hesitation, Austin promptly waved the array flag. Then, the Four-sided and Eight-Trigrams Array was activated.

Instantly, countless beams of light in peculiar colors appeared in the sky and interwove together––it w

ly break my Four-sided and Eight Trigrams Array anytime soon.

It is unlikely to kill them only by the array. I have to come up with other ideas.

If Violet can do me a favor this time, it shouldn't be hard to defeat them.'

As he thought this, Austin communicated with Violet with inner thoughts.

"Violet, have you finished that Wolf General who is obsessed with you?"

Austin and Violet had a strong spiritual sense, and they were capable of communicating with each other by inner thoughts within a proper distance.

"Don't worry, master. I have completely sucked up his vital energy. He is now useless and cannot threaten us at all.

Master, though you commanded me not to suck human cultivator's vital energy to cultivate, I think you won't mind that I sucked his vital energy for he is our enemy."

Violet's sent his inner thoughts to Austin.

"Violet, I am not stubborn. The reason why I warned you not to do this is that I hope you do not kill people at your own will, lest you should be controlled by evil desire. As for these bad guys grappling with us, you are allowed to suck their vital energy.

This Wolf General is a free resource for you to improve your cultivation base. Enjoy it!" Austin told her, obviously happy at how Violet had done a great job at eliminating one of the Wolf Generals.

"Master, how do you think of my Honey-trap?"

Violet asked proudly as she seemed satisfied with her trap.

Austin smiled. It was undeniable that no man could ever escape Violet's Honey-trap. Her disguise as a seductive damsel was always enough to lure any man.

"All right, let's get down to business. As you have already finished one of them, we have to fight the other four Wolf Generals. Two of them are trapped in my array, while the others are outside my array. Now, we must first work together and defeat the other two outside. Then, the two inside the array can be trounced."

"Okay," Violet responded and acted immediately.

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