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   Chapter 283 The Dark Wind Sect Was At The Auction House (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6944

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Energy-Advancing Elixir was not a common thing to see and to have two of it would be phenomenal. Because of this, the cultivators were hyped and in just a minute, one million went far behind other bidders.

Austin looked at the increasing price as he was quietly sitting on his chair. His fingers were crossed as he observed each person in the room.

A hint of amazement could be seen on Austin's face. He bitterly smiled as the auction kept on going.

The popularity of Energy-advancing Elixir was beyond his expectation. He didn't foresee that its price would exceed to one million vital energy crystals in an instant.

Austin underestimated these two small elixirs and did not notice how its price would turn out. Suddenly, everyone inside were thrilled as they witnessed how the auction went on. In the end, Austin understood the position of high level refiners as he saw how cultivators needed elixirs just to rank up.

He thought that it would be convenient if he could be able to refine such elixirs. Whenever he was lack of vital energy crystal, he could easily refine a couple of elixirs. If he could successfully make them, he wouldn't have to worry about being poor the rest of his life.

When he realized it, Austin made up his mind that one of his goals was to take more time to practice his refining skill.

As the realization struck Austin, more cultivators of the Earth Realm were trying to win the auction. Austin already achieved the premium stage of Earth Realm, and these two elixirs were unable to help his cultivation. He was just sitting to observe the crowd.

The voice of bidding kept going. Another voice was heard as the other one finished shouting his price.

All of a sudden, the price of these two Energy-advancing Elixirs reached one million and forty thousand vital energy crystals. At this moment, there were just few cultivators in the hall who were bidding.

But once in a while, someone in the VIP Rooms would shout their new bidding prices. After all, it was a large sum for ordinary Earth Realm cultivators and most

that people should give them away to your Blood Wolf Team at a lower price!

I don't care if you want to put me on your enemy list. Let's see if you can do any harm. The Dark Wind Sect will surely give you what you deserve!"

It was the man's shout all over the place.

The auction house was filled with surprised cultivators. They never expected anyone would be brave enough to answer the Blood Wolf Team in that manner. Also, nobody knew that the Dark Wind Sect would show up in this town.

If it said that nobody was willing to provoke Blood Wolf Team, then it should say that nobody dared to tease the Dark Wind Sect.

Dark Wind Sect was a mysterious organization in this empire, and their disciples were hidden deeply. They had no contact with anyone and seldom showed up in public places. It was said that there were only few disciples in Dark Wind Sect and maybe just dozens of people.

A lot of people would say that every single person in the Dark Wind Sect was terrible to deal with.

Everyone in this sect already achieved a level of or above the premium stage of Earth Realm. Most of the disciples in the sect were cultivators of the Mysterious Realm, and only a small part of them weren't.

The Eighth General of Blood Wolf Team dared not to continue. He cast a furious glare at him and had to sit back on his chair, getting no other way to go.

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