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   Chapter 282 The Dark Wind Sect Was At The Auction House (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7317

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There was nothing strange in the Ganges Auction House. It was just a normal and peaceful day for everybody.

Austin kept on staring at the giant crystal screen on the wall of his room as he sipped his tea from an antique cup. The crystal screen showed the auction inside the hall on real time.

In fact, Austin wasn't alone in this room. The maid who received Austin tried her best to flirt with him. This woman kept stroking her long, black hair in front of him. Once in a while, she walked back and forth in front of him, wriggling her round hips and swinging her waist all the way, just to attract his attention.

Austin, as a mighty, young man, had gotten into her charming aura. He was attracted to the maid but tried so hard to keep it on himself and pretended that he didn't see anything at all. Austin kept in mind what he was doing here all the time.

He quietly sat there and gently sipped on his tea cup. Austin looked like a decent gentleman in the maid's eyes who did everything to catch his attention. At last, she gave up because she thought that they were not on the same page. Disappointment could be seen in her angelic face. After a while, the maid curled her lips and just sat in the corner.

Then the auction began. It didn't have a strong start and nothing made Austin excited.

Only those people in the hall offered prices while those who sat in the VIP rooms seldom showed their offers.


A sudden rang from the crystal platform was heard. It caught Austin's attention despite his deep thoughts.

The white headed auctioneer took a small silver plate from one of the maids standing behind him. The gentleman quickly opened his mouth and flashed a wide smile on the audience.

As the silver plate were shown at the auction, Austin found that there were two small and transparent jade bottles on it. There was a pale cerulean elixir that was rolling around inside each bottle.

The elixirs attracted the attention of the crowd when the auctioneer took the plate by his hands. Elixirs were equally important as cultivation methods in the world of cultivators.

Besides, some of the elixirs could directly improve the cultivation ba

ng to purchase it regardless of an expensive price. Not everyone was fortunate to get one because the supply could hardly keep pace with the demand.

"Good day everyone! Ladies and gentlemen, these two Energy-advancing Elixirs were made by the second most famous refiner of our empire, Master Yan. I believe that all of you must have heard of him and know how his capacity is!

I would just let this speak for itself. I need not say any words. It can be guaranteed that the elixirs would be a big help for all aspiring cultivators!" the auctioneer cheerfully added.

The auctioneer paused for a while. Then he waved his right hand and smiled at the audience. He said in a loud and energetic voice, "I officially start the auction for this. The upset price of each Energy-advancing Elixir is three hundred and thirty thousand vital energy crystals. Overall, it will be six hundred and sixty thousand!"

"Seven hundred thousand!"

Hardly had the auctioneer finished his words, someone had shouted his price loudly in the hall.

"One million!"

Another cultivator shouted right after the first one.

A lot in the crowd were shocked as gasps were heard all over the place. The second cultivator quickly added thirty thousand vital energy crystals without any hesitation. It seemed that he was determined to get it, and his wealth obviously gave him more power than others.

And needless to say, he was sitting in one of the VIP rooms.

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