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   Chapter 280 The Auction (Part Two)

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Anyway, if we can find a couple of treasures in the auction, it will be a worthwhile trip for us."

The five men entered inside.


Inside room 63 of the Ganges Auction House, Austin was busy in his meditation and his eyes were closed. He had been sitting like this for a while now and the maidservant was angry and resentful at his nonchalant manner. He had been acting like a monk or a hermit.

'Damn! What kind of guest am I stuck with? Is he a eunuch or something? Why the hell isn't he reacting to all my seduction efforts?' She thought furiously.

The maidservants in the VIP area were officially paid to serve the guests. But the tips they received far outweighed their salaries if they could satisfy those guests through sex.

As the ticket to enter the VIP area of the auction house could only be afforded by the very rich, the maids were sure to receive highly generous rewards for their efforts.

But this particular maid hadn't expected that she would encounter a guest that day who was completely oblivious to her honey-trap.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

The bell rang out through the hall of the auction house and

its resounding tinkling sound could be heard across the whole building, which was extremely large in size. The hubbub of the crowd gradually waned and gave way to a calm and anxious silence. Everyone turned their eyes towards the center of the hall where a crystal platform was situated. Their gazes were filled with anticipation and enthusiasm.

"Ho ho ho! Hello, everyone! I am sure that you all are getting impatient. So, I will skip the cliched opening lines and start the auction directly."

A grey-haired old man announced as he walked to the center of the stage. There was a crystal desk situated before. His eyes ran down the hall which was packed with a dense crowd, and a wide smile spread across his face.

Then he rested his eyes on the VIP area for a few seconds and looked away again.

His sounds still reverberated through the hall.

As an experienced auctioneer, he knew clearly what the guests really wanted to see and hear and was aware of wha


So, after the old man's words sank in, the bidding amount rose steeply and several times.

After several rounds, the Cold Blade Sword finally fell in the hands of a lanky man with a humongous price of six hundred thousand vital energy crystals.

After the first item was successfully auctioned, a dazzling array of treasures appeared on the table one by one for auction; precious armors, martial arts skills, cultivation methods, herbs and many other paraphernalia.

Most surprising of all, one of the items for auction turned out to be a beautiful lady. Austin's jaws dropped open when the girl was brought onto the stage.

She looked very young, most probably at the tiny age of twelve or thirteen. But her body shape was insane!

A G-Cup glamour teenage girl! She blushed scarlet at the numerous gazes boring into her.

The appearance of this gorgeous and beautiful girl immediately brought out the animal lust that was hidden inside the men present there. They became horny and seemed ready to pounce on her at any time.

In the end, the girl was sold for four hundred thousand vital energy crystals. The insane count of zeroes in the number made the old man conducting the auction grin from ear to ear. Austin calmly looked at those ugly men through the crystal screen in his room. He was sitting still with his eyes slightly closed, waiting for the item that would attract him.

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