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   Chapter 280 The Auction (Part One)

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The foot of the Sun Mountain was bearing witness to a lot of hustle and bustle right now.

Red flood-dragon horses, about a dozen in number, could be seen galloping from a mile away, swift as the wind. Before long, they reached the mountain and came to a halt in the blink of an eye. The man leading this company of horses was the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley, and his name was Dwayne.

The red flood-dragon horse was a rare saddle horse which had earned its name because its head resembled the flood dragon and its body looked like a horse. It could travel tens of thousands of miles a day and was originally a level three diabolic beast. People had managed to tame a number of them and now, they were used as saddle horses.

Evidently, a horse-like body didn't mean it being a horse, and the red flood-dragon horse, even with its equine body, was still so expensive that only very large sects could afford it.

Besides, not everyone had the ability to tame a level three diabolic beast.

Although there were a small number of red flood dragon horses in Sun Sect, they were reserved for the six Elders and the Sect Leader only.

Austin was not qualified to ride them, nor was anyone else regarding that, even though he had already become a principal disciple.

The horses had come near the Sun Mountain. Dwayne had mobilized half of the red flood-dragon horses in the Flaming Sun Valley in his search for the man who had killed his grandson.

The horses were quite conspicuous wherever the riders went and drew a lot of attention. Therefore, as soon as the company arrived at the foot of the Sun Mountain, the disciples guarding the door immediately noticed them and sprang to attention.

Still seated on his horse, Dwayne ordered them in a loud voice, "Go to Elder Jaime of your sect. Tell him that his old friend Dwayne is waiting for him."

The guards were surprised to know that their sect was being visited by people from the Flaming Sun Valley. The latter was quite famous and acknowledged to be far superior to Sun Sect itself. What business could these men have?

Also, there were a dozen men in the team, and each of them was riding a red flood-dragon horse. Clearly, they were very powerful and must have been famo

Jaime nodded his head and invited the company up to the mountain where the Sun Sect was situated.


In Peace Town, outside the Ganges Auction House, five murderous, brutal, and cruel men smelled blood and entered the Ganges Auction House.

"Are you sure that Austin is inside the Ganges Auction House?"

One of them asked another in a low voice.

"Yes." The man replied. They were members of the Blood Wolf Team. "We have several hidden spies lurking in the Ganges Auction House and they found Austin's name in the guest register. According to our friends, Austin is inside today!"

"Okay then. Let's get inside and find out where he is. When the auction is over, we will follow him.

Oh, almost forgot. We can also see if there is something in the auction that interests us." The man grinned.

Ganges Auction House was the most famous, largest, and the one having the most widespread chain of auction houses in the entire Violet Orchid Empire. It had branches almost everywhere.

In fact, one could say that it was monopolizing the auction house business in the whole empire.

"Sure. It's a good chance for us to look around and see what the Ganges Auction House has to offer. What I am wondering is, Austin is a mere nobody at the Energy Gathering Realm and we are five Wolf Generals. So why has our leader sent us to kill such a weakling? It's a waste of our talents doing such a petty job. Why did he make such a fuss over this trifle? Anyone could have killed him.

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