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   Chapter 279 Chief Elder Of Flaming Sun Valley

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Austin walked into the auction hall and was immediately greeted by a staff member.

"Sir, would you like to be in the general area or the VIP area?"

"Oh, there are two separate areas? What's the difference?"

In the last auction that Austin had gone to, everyone had sat around the auction stand in the same hall without any partition.

"Yes, we've just introduced this system in our auction house. Guests in the VIP area have priority in the auction for the same bid. The general area is in the lobby while the VIP area is a separate room with a crystal screen that broadcasts the auction in real time."

Austin actually liked observing everything that went on at an auction.

However, right now, he needed to hide his whereabouts. He would be a lot less conspicuous in a separate room.

"I'm going to the VIP area."

"Okay, distinguished guest. Please pay 50, 000 vital energy crystals for a VIP card which will be valid for one year. All our VIP cardholders will receive the same treatment at any Ganges Auction House in all the towns and cities in the Violet Orchid Empire."

"What? 50, 000 vital energy crystals?"

Austin gasped.

Even though it seemed to be too much, he went ahead and paid 50, 000 vital energy crystals for a VIP card.

Then, a coquettish waitress walked over to him.

"Distinguished guest, your VIP room number is 63. I'll be your guide for today.

I'll be serving you exclusively during the auction."

The waitress was dressed in a bright red tightly-fitted gown. It was gorgeous and delicate and hugged her body at all the right places, showing off her curves. There was a silver ribbon tied around her waist, accentuating how small it was. Moreover, there was a slit in her gown under which her snow-white legs peeped out every time she took a step forward. And finally, the small smile on her face made her look confident and charming. All in all, she looked sexy and seductive from head to toe. Any man would fall for her. Sure enough, as she led Austin to room 63, many of the men they passed by turned their heads around to ogle at her. They all looked at Austin with envy for being lucky enough to get this waitress.

Of course, Austin didn't even notice them. As he followed the waitress to his private room, all he could focus on was the twist of her tiny waist and how sexy she looked from the back. He was completely attracted to her.

Austin's luxury box was over 300 square meters in size with a luxurious carpet on the floor. The walls were thick and soundproof.

Many special metals had been used to block outsiders from eavesdropping. This was the reason the Ganges Auction House

oldly, his lips turning up into a sneer.

"Please spare my life. Please spare my life!"

The disciple in the yellow shirt was so frightened that he began kowtowing.

"Chief, I know Austin's identity," said a voice all of a sudden.

One of the disciples in the crowd stepped forward and looked at Dwayne. He was none other than Weaver, who had gotten beaten up by Austin in front of the entrance of Lotus Tavern.

He would definitely recognize Austin as soon as he saw him.

Weaver didn't have a good cultivation base but he was good at flattery. In the Flaming Sun Valley, he had been the most trusted follower of Raymond. Every time Raymond went out, he had always taken Weaver with him.

But since Weaver had had to spend several months in Flaming Sun Valley to recover after being beaten up by Austin, he hadn't been with Raymond this time. Otherwise, he would be dead too.

The Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley had specifically asked Weaver to come along because he thought that Weaver would know something about this incident that he didn't. And now, it turned out that he was right.

"You know it? Good, very good. Tell me."

The Chief Elder couldn't wait to find out.

"Austin is an outer disciple of the Sun Sect. He's insolent and has always acted tyrannically. He beat up Raymond and his disciples for no reason.

He's the one who broke my arm. I had to rest for two months before I recovered.

Raymond's death must have something to do with him."

"Austin is just an outer disciple of the Sun Sect?

How dare an outer disciple of the Sun Sect kill my grandson? Even Theon, the head of the Sun Sect, would respect me.

Anyway, fine! Let's go to the Sun Sect. I will see how Theon is going to explain this to me!"

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