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   Chapter 278 The Message Of Unearthly Fire (Part Two)

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We can witness how others will fight for it! I'm sure they'll be like hyenas fighting over a piece of meat."

Their voices gradually faded in the distance as the two drifted away toward Ganges Auction House.

Austin's interest peaked the moment he heard the words Unearthly Fire.

In the Elixir Foundation, there was an explanation about the Unearthly Fire.

Generally, the fire of pill refiner was refined using their own vital energy.

The higher and stronger the cultivation base and vital energy of a pill refiner, the better quality and level of fire one would be able to produce. This would then produce a more effective pill.

However, besides the fire which pill refiners enhance by vital energy, there was a particular fire which is more powerful, and that was Unearthly Fire! The skill that pill refiners do with the use of the Unearthly Fire to refine pills was called Borrowing Fire.

The reason behind the name was quite literal actually. Unearthly Fire didn't come from something inside, and it had nothing to do with vital energy. It was the kind of fire created outside. Hence, it came to be known as Borrowing Fire.

While only the fire refined by vital energy could be considered as Refining Fire.

In this vast world, Unearthly Fire was created from fallen meteorites or lava that have been roasted for thousands of years and even more.

Compared to ordinary fire refined by vital energy, Unearthly Fire was way more powerful. Not only can it refine pills but also increase their effectiveness! But, obtaining such fire is quite challenging. They are usually hidden in some remote and dangerous area. Even if you were lucky enough to get it, you would still have to face the huge burden of making it as your own.

same person who made business with him the last time.

So he went to her directly.

Seeing a customer coming her way, the woman beamed professionally.

"Distinguished guest, what is it that you seek? To auction or to bid?"

"Beautiful lady, I heard there was an Unearthly Fire on sale. Is it true? Can you tell me more about it?"


the woman was stunned for a moment because of his sweet-talking. Austin was wearing a big cape, she couldn't see his face well and was clueless of his gender or age.

But she responded quickly, Austin's voice sounded young, so she replied with a smile, "Dear, you look quite young, you must be a prospective pill refiner!"

she deduced that Austin was a pill refiner in an instant. The reason was quite simple really, only pill refiners would be interested in the Unearthly Fire.

"But what you heard is true. There is an Unearthly Fire on the auction. Let's take care of some procedures first and then you can enter while waiting for the auction to begin."

So Austin obediently completed the procedures and entered the auction room. But, there were no vacant seats available the moment he entered.

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