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   Chapter 277 The Message Of Unearthly Fire (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-25 00:55

Austin arrived at the elixir store with only one bored and sleepy waiter attending the shop.

He looked up at Austin lazily and told him they would purchase all kinds of qualified pills.

Then Austin took out six muscle-generating powders which he refined by himself.

The waiter nodded while identifying them carefully. Then his mouth slowly curved up into a smile. He was well pleased with the products.

"Well, they look good. I'd say they are on the superior qualified section. How about 150 vital energy crystals each? This is our usual price for that quality. Though we sell those inferior ones with the same price.

But I reckon you will understand the difference between selling and purchasing. After all, we need to make ends meet."

"What? You mean their quality is that good? Are you sure about it?"

Austin was way too surprised.

Hearing Austin's disbelief, the waiter looked a bit annoyed, "What do you mean? You don't trust me? I had been here for more than eight years! I am not a newbie here!

Not to mention I have identified level One pills over a hundred times already, I even identified Level Three pills several times!

And here you are accusing me of making mistakes? This is unbelievable!"

"No! No! No! That's not what I meant. It is a complete misunderstanding! Look at you, so experienced. How can you be wrong? It is totally my fault."

Hearing the waiter's words, Austin was way too ecstatic. It never occurred to him that he did such a great job despite being a newbie in refining pills.

"So are you still willing to sell these six muscle-generating powders? I can offer you a better price since it's our first transaction together."

The waiter eased his look because of Austin's compliment.

"Of course! I will sell it!"

ust too many things to buy in order to survive. After all these years of being a pill refiner, I wasn't able to save much. So I don't really have much right now. Life is so hard, especially for the likes of us. Level One pill refiners are nobody in the industry! We are just like a dirt, trivial and insignificant."

"Come on, man! You have five concubines! I will be more surprised if you have plenty of money left! And you have to spend some money in order to have a good time with your beautiful concubines! Do you really even have the time and energy to refine pills? Well, Buddy?"

"Okay, okay. You know, everyone has his hobbies and stress relievers. I am just human after all. I have needs to satisfy as well.

So what about you? How many vital energy crystals did you bring? Are you even confident that you could bid for the Unearthly Fire?"

"Oh, buddy. Are you kidding right now? I am just a level one pill refiner like you. Why would I even dare to buy the Unearthly Fire? That at least costs about hundreds of thousands or even more vital energy crystals. It's definitely something we can only dream of having! But let's just go there and have a peek. It must be fun!

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