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   Chapter 276 Refining The Lowest-ranked Elixir!

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Five Wolf Generals of the Blood Wolf Team were exclusively sent out to kill Austin.

The five Wolf Generals meant to corner and kill Austin near the Sun Mountain. However, after some investigation, it was clear that Austin was not in the Sun Sect, but in Peace Town.

They immediately left for Peace Town.

Blood Wolf Team's spies were almost everywhere, spread out over the Violet Orchid Empire. On their arrival in Peace Town, they sent their men to search every inch and seek out Austin.

Peace Town was a town, going by its name, but its numerous population and vast territory impressed one as a small city.

It was definitely not easy to seek out a person in such a place. . . .

Austin sat in a room belonging to a tavern in Peace Town.

A purple-brown herbal pot accompanied with ten doses of medical materials sat in front of him.

This time, Austin still planned to refine the muscle-generating powder, which was actually an elixir and not a powder as against its name.

Austin was doing this to learn the process of extracting the essence of the herbs.

He had almost mastered the extracting steps and all he had to do was to practice more in order to speed up the process.

Only after you got rid of the impurities could you get the essence of the herbs. And only after that could you blend them into one elixir.

And because of this, the refining process was the most basic yet most important step of them all.

Every pill refiner, including the high-ranked ones, would practice this basic step as often as they could to get the ideal speed and purity.

The more attention paid to the refining process, the purer was the herb essence. And purer essence meant a more qualified elixir.

Clearly, Austin had a great understanding of the importance of this basic step.

Five of the ten doses of medical materials at hand were used to practice extracting the herb's essences, and the other five to practice blending the essences.

Austin released a breath he had been holding. He then put his hands on the underside of the herbal pot. A stream of golden fire, driven by the vital energy, started transferring through to the hand.

And then, without warning, the fire simmering in his hand, rushed into the herbal pot.

Egged on by the herbal pot, the fire multiplied in intensity in a matter of seconds.

Austin tossed another muscle-gathering herb into the pot from above.

Austin's spiritual sense entered the herbal pot. He was able to grasp the herb's location and temperature. Human eyes could not possibly get a better view than that.

The flicker of the fire would affect eyesight, but not the spiritual sense in the slightest.

After learning the exact location and the temperature, Austin realized that he ought to lower the flame, or there was a danger of the muscle-generating herb burning to ashes.

So he u

t he was able to refine the muscle-generating powder so quickly and smoothly.

After the entire process, Austin found that he was all wet. He had been working on for about an hour, and every muscle inside him was sore and aching. As the vital energy had been continuously pumped into the herbal pot for a long time, his reserves were now down to forty percent, with sixty percent having gone into the pot.

"Judging from this, I am not so great at the basic process. Refining just one elixir has worn me out so much!"

Austin fetched an alabaster flask and put the elixir into it.

Though he had succeeded in refining a muscle-generating powder, he was still uneasy. Maybe because he was not so sure about its quality and power, he kept asking himself, 'Has it met the same standards as those elixirs in the elixir shop?'

Austin decided to show his elixirs to a few elixir shops, which were always collecting and selling elixirs for a living. He wanted their masters to judge it.

After a good rest, Austin started to refine another muscle-generating powder.

In the end, little mistakes meant that four of ten doses of the medical materials went to waste.

But six of them, Austin successfully turned into muscle-generating powders.

Concluding that his yield rate was about sixty percent, Austin wondered to himself, "How is my yield rate? Is it high or not? Is it good enough?"

Austin was brand new to this field and had learned everything by reading books, all by himself. This meant that there were many questions that he had that were still unanswered.

It took him a whole day and night to finish refining ten doses of medical materials.

Austin was exhausted at the end of it.

The moment he lay down, he fell into a deep sleep that spanned a whole day and night.

When he finally woke up, he took his newly refined elixirs and made his way to a street full of elixir shops.

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