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   Chapter 275 Killing Johnson (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6220

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And the rest were now too scared to fight her. So they started looking for ways to escape.

On top of that, Austin had killed the strongest among them, their leader, in just a few moves. The others had been subconsciously depending on Johnson to protect them. But seeing him die this poorly, egged them on to run for their lives.

Eight disciples remained and all seemed to be at a loss on the strategy ahead. Suddenly, a faceless person screamed to run and all of them scampered like an army of mice frantic to leave the battlefield.

Austin has killed Johnson by his hand! Whether Johnson deserved this or not, the Sun Sect wouldn't go easy on Austin once these witnesses spread the word on what they had just seen.

So, Austin had to kill them all!

He waved his Violet Royal Sword and again, the thirty beams of sword-light dashed at each of them. Carrying overwhelming energy, the sword-lights were hungry for blood.

To ensure that no survivors get left, Austin decided to call his level 3 sword intent.

As soon as it was called, a blazing sword-light pointed at each and every one of them, just a hair's breadth away from their necks. No disciple dared even breathe.

But they need not. Because, just within a second, flesh was pierced right through

and blood was gurgled out by scores of impaled bodies.

The attack was so brutal that there wasn't any margin for survival. In just one blow, Austin had killed eight disciples of the Energy Gathering Realm.

Austin's vital energy of the premium stage of the Earth Realm, his Illusory Swordsmanship and level 3 sword intent had made him almost invincible.

Violet was beyond astonished at

the scene when Austin killed the men in just a snap of his fingers. Open-eyed, she exclaimed in surprise.

"Okay, we have to bury these dead bodies in case it leads to a problem.

foot of the Sun Mountain, home of the Sun Sect, it was certainly an advantageous location for them.

"Humph, Austin was just a little bastard of the Energy Gathering Realm from some sect. Why did boss send five of us to catch him.

He doesn't deserve that much!

I think one of us was enough to take care of him."

It turned out that the five Wolf Generals were sent by the leader of the Blood Wolf Team, thirsty for Austin's blood.

"I was told Austin isn't a normal cultivator of the Energy Gathering Realm.

Patrick was killed by him."

"Humph, that's because Patrick was too lazy to work hard. His cultivation base was the worst among our Thirteen Wolf Generals. Really, he always brought shame to us."

"Okay, okay, now that the boss had ordered us to kill him, it's upon us to fulfill his wishes.

Even though Patrick was weak enough to be killed by a nobody, he was still one of us. The little bastard has shown no respect towards us and made Patrick's death a humiliating one. It's like a slap on our faces. Once we catch him, I won't let him take it easy. It'll be a death by torture for sure.

It's time we sent out the message—that no one should even think of messing with us, especially a nobody!"

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