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   Chapter 273 Fighting With Johnson Su!

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10920

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Johnson tried to display no lack of vigor in his identity as the Steward when he saw Austin.

All the two dozen disciples who had come together with Johnson were his deliberately cultivated henchmen from the Sun Sect.

Seeing that Austin was in a weakened state, all of them began shouting fiercely at him.

"Austin, how dare you kill the younger apprentice, Marvin! You're not stepping out of here alive today!"

"Austin, why don't you kneel down in front of Steward Su and plead guilty? If you surrender now, he might show you some mercy."

"That's impossible! If this guy kneels down and pleads guilty, he might suffer a little less. But there's no way he'll be let off easily after the crime he's committed."

"Cut the crap. I don't think this guy cares about it at all. He doesn't seem to even think that he committed a crime.

In my opinion, we should first beat him to a pulp and then ask him to confess his crimes."

Austin stood up with the chest in his arms and laughed. "It's true that empty vessels make the most noise!

That guy Marvin always made trouble for me. I think I already let him live for too long!"

"How dare you! Come on, take him down," Johnson roared angrily.

Suddenly, two disciples from opposite sides of the crowd sprung at Austin.

Both of them were at level nine of Energy Gathering Realm. They wanted to control Austin with their bare hands.

But before they could even approach him, Austin staggered in front of one of them and gave him a punch.

Austin's bodily movement skill was lightning-fast. It was hard to see him move with the naked eye. He moved so fast that all the disciples felt like Austin was standing in front of them at once.

With their slow reflexes, it was impossible for them to avoid his attacks.

Crack! Crack!

With a scream, the first disciple flew a dozen meters backward. His entire right arm was bent at a strange angle and white bone was jutting out of his skin.

With a flash of his body, Austin appeared in front of another disciple.

This disciple was shocked by what he had seen just now. He had barely come to his senses when he saw Austin standing in front of him.

He didn't have time to summon his sword, so he hastily waved his hands in a circle in haste, producing an illusory old wooden stake from which there was the smoldering smell of murder.

"Withering Tree Fist!"

The disciple shouted loudly, and the illusory old wooden stake came shot out and smashed into Austin.

Instead of dodging the wooden stake, Austin moved forward.


The illusory old wooden stake smashed heavily against Austin's chest, almost knocking the breath out of him.

But Austin merely released his physical strength and moved forward.

The wooden stake had torn right through the cloth covering his chest and left a deep circular mask on his chest.

However, there wasn't too much damage.

"Now it's my turn!" Austin roared loudly and punched the disciple with his force of 5, 000 pounds.

Austin had enough power now to highhandedly scare thousands of soldiers into retreating.

Even the air seemed to sizzle with fear.

With a dull sound, the disciple's chest contracted inward, and then, with a bang, Austin's fist penetrate

ultivation base at level six of Energy Gathering Realm half a year ago.

How had he suddenly reached cultivation base at the medium stage of Earth Realm?

This fact confused Johnson.

Now that the fighting has begun, there was no need for Austin to be polite to him. With a flash of the Violet Royal Sword, more than thirty sword-lights appeared again.

At the same time, level three sword intent burst out as well.

With the existence of both vital energy force of the medium stage of Earth Realm and level three sword intent, Austin's pupils filled with sword aura. "Swoosh!" As soon as his eyes swept away, tangible sword aura appeared next to him one after another, framing the thirty sword-lights.

Instantly, the sword aura was full of vigor and looked like a long river. The ferocious sword intent was created on the sword-light and glowed with magical luster.

With more than 30 sword-lights in front of him and the omnipresent sword aura in the sky, clouds, and mist, Johnson found it really difficult to distinguish them.

He felt like his vital energy was locked by the invisible swords.

As soon as Austin displayed his level three sword intent, he could completely block the vital energy of any opponent who was at or below the medium stage of Earth Realm in an instant.

'This fellow's swordsmanship is so brilliant, ' Johnson thought to himself.

He felt no sense of superiority to Austin now.

Originally, he had thought that he could easily catch Austin, who was only at Energy Gathering Realm while he himself was at cultivation base of the medium stage of Earth Realm. He had been more worried about how to torture Austin.

But now, he realized how wrong he had been.

In fact, he felt like he was the one in a dangerous situation here.

His strongest unique skill was the Spectral Claw. In this emergency, he couldn't use any other skill. The black ghost claw immediately appeared in front of him.

But as soon as the enlarged ghost claw appeared, over thirty sword-lights flew toward it.


When the ghost claw crashed into the thirty sword-lights, it exploded into black spots all over the sky.

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