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   Chapter 272 The Mastermind Is Here (Part Two)

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Austin looked at the direction of the voice and muttered to himself.

"Alright, saves me the time and effort from going after him myself. Finally, let's get this over with already. I'm tired of being chased after."

However, Steward Su had been using his position as the Steward in Sun Sect to train a group of close disciples.

He must have brought an army of disciples with him, like a king going out into the battlefield with his personal guards.

In order to avoid facing a dozen enemies alone, Austin decided to let Violet help him out.

After all, Johnson had immersed himself at the medium stage of Earth Realm for more than ten years. His understanding in the realm was very solid and his combating strength was also more powerful than most of those at medium stage of Earth Realm. He might be at par with some warriors at the premium stage of Earth Realm.

Austin wanted to prepare thoroughly for such a battle. Better safe than sorry.

So he communicated with Violet through his mind.

A beautiful and bewitching woman emerged from a green fog. It was Violet.

Hmm? 'Violet, how come your demonic power seems to be stronger than before?'

Austin's spiritual sense was so strong that he recognized Violet's increase in power instantly.

Violet, covering her mouth with her hand, chuckled, "Yes master, my current cultivation base is already very close to the medium stage of Earth Realm in the human territory.

As I explained to you last time, the powerful crystal is a great supplement for my breakthrough during cultivation. It's like the perfect energy booster.

All this time, I have been using the powerful crystal to practice and my progress has been surprisingly several times faster than before.

Soon, I will breakthrough and my cultivation base will rise to a higher level. Isn't this exciting?"

Violet was very happy because diabolic beasts have a much tougher time than human beings in getting breakthroughs in their cultivation. Many diabolic beasts, although naturally strong, couldn't rise up in their cultivat

stin, did you murder my nephew Marvin? Confess brat! Don't even dare to hide anything. Otherwise, I will make you beg for your own death!"

Johnson asked loudly, his attention solely on Austin. He didn't even care that Violet was there, as she was an insignificant fly in his mind.

"Don't yell like an old prick! I can hear you just fine you know. Yes, It was me. I killed Marvin. He tried to kill me multiple times just so you know. He deserved to die!"

Austin said in a calm and menacing voice.

Johnson listened to Austin's admission and the anger in his heart blazed even more, especially when he saw Austin admit it in such a casual way. He was like a volcano ready to erupt and spew out his anger.

Austin did not even reveal a hint of panic. Where does he get his confidence from?

"You vicious little brat! Austin, how could you kill your own fellow! You must die for your sin!

And how dare you face the steward of Sun Sect with such a disrespectful attitude.

Austin, I am now declaring your two sins as steward. One is the murder of your own fellow, and the other is disrespecting your superior.

These two were clearly stipulated by Sun Sect. You committed both crimes without hesitations. Get on your knees and surrender!"

Johnson said in a determined manner. He glared at Austin, trying to pressure Austin as the Steward of Sun Sect.

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