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   Chapter 271 The Mastermind Is Here (Part One)

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Trying to dodge the combined attack of several inner disciples, Austin decided to use an old trick up his sleeve. He suddenly moved towards Merlin. Although facing Merlin directly was very risky because Austin had to take a hit of the Demonic Bone-chilling Claw, despite that it was a risk he was willing to take. Then, with one powerful punch, Austin broke Merlin's chest, blood mixed with visceral debris splattered out.


Then, the Violet Royal Sword struck and more than 30 sword-lights burst out like splashes in the water.

The sword-lights were created two kinds of attack and struck separately towards each disciple with a sword and another with a blade. Every sword-light attack contained so much vital energy force that it could severely damage its target with just one hit.

The disciple holding the sword had only grasped a very basic idea of the sword play. In the realm of kendo, he was already being overpowered by Austin. Austin only gazed at him for split second and immediately saw through the weakness of his sword play. His observation and comprehension skills were really amazing, like an eagle seeing through its prey.

It was obvious that Austin's sword-lights attacked the flaws in the sword play of the disciple.

And the disciple with the blade didn't fare much better either. His blade wielding might be more cunning but in the face of a dozen of sword-lights from Austin, he lost his tempo and could hardly keep up with Austin's attack, let alone unleash his blade wielding power.

The disciple with the sword suddenly bellowed out a blood-curdling scream. His throat was slit open, blood gushed out from the wound. It spewed out like droplets from a fountain. His eyes with a horrified shock stared at Austin in a ghostly manner. His sword-play was completely destroyed by Austin's attack.

And the disciple with the blade was hit by five or six sword-lights, one of which gave him a fatal chest wound. And blood dripped from the wound.

The two disciples fell to the ground like logs falling down after being sliced from its ba

It turned out Austin had been using Magical Aura-changing Skill to conceal his true vital energy. But right there and then, he had finally decided to unleash his true vital energy.

"What? Am I dreaming? Your cultivation base is at Earth Realm! And your vital energy is stronger than Steward Su!

Alright! I guess I will die without any regrets!"

With that, Isaac closed his eyes and fell to the ground.

It turned out that his internal organs had already been shattered by Austin's punching power when their fists collided together. He remained alive until now thanks to the last bit of vital energy he had left. It was as if the last remaining juice of a lemon was finally squeezed out of it.

Now he was dead.

"Shit, how can you keep talking when you are already dead."

Austin shook his head with amazement.

... ... ...

"Austin, Don't you dare hide from me anymore you little coward. This time, you can't run away. I will definitely kill you!"

After Austin had killed the five inner disciples, a powerful and loud voice suddenly boomed in the distance, shaking the mountains and forests, scaring the birds away. It was like bomb had suddenly dropped out of nowhere, disturbing the quiet expanse.

Some beasts were also running for their lives in the forests.

"Well, it seems like the mastermind behind all this has finally joined the show."

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