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   Chapter 270 Test The Power Of The Human Body

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Austin slapped Merlin, one of the inner disciples, on the face, successfully irritating the latter. Merlin practiced his Demonic Bone-chilling Claw, intending to kill Austin.

By doing this, Austin wanted to test the second stage of his Overlord Body-refining Formula which he had just succeeded in completing not long ago. Therefore, he didn't evade Merlin's attacks. He simply aroused the power inside his own flesh. His muscles heaved like hills and mountains in a great earthquake. They moved underneath his skin, as if countless frogs hid beneath.

Merlin's attacks landed on Austin's body as quickly as lightning. The great power in his attacks locked Austin in place. A dark and terrifying demonic cloud rolled forward.

"Hey, guys. Austin is enjoying some undeserved fame. Before Merlin's unique skills, he is locked and can't move. I bet this fight will end quite soon. Austin's reputation has been rising inside the Sun Sect in recent years, only to be killed by Merlin today."

"Look at him being desperate and helpless. He dares block Merlin's Demonic Bone-chilling Claw with his body. How silly of him!"

Discussions were taking place among the other four inner disciples.


Austin didn't try to move aside or evade Merlin's attacks. His chest absorbed the full force of Merlin's Demonic Bone-chilling Claw.

With a deafening thud, Austin's chest was hit hard by lightning. His clothes were torn to shreds. A dark palm print appeared on the skin of his chest.

Austin felt an enormous force strike his body. He had to back up.


Austin felt a sharp pain somewhere inside his body. He was close to tears.

However, that was all that he felt. Besides the pain, he felt nothing. His body was harmed in no other way.

Merlin had already reached the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm, and he wielded this Demonic Bone-chilling Claw with terrifying power. Nobody dared underestimate this formidable force.

Nonetheless, Austin chose to stand still. He took the risk and received each blow. Much to everyone's surprise, he wasn't harmed at all.

Austin lifted his hand and touched his chest. Except for the tattered clothes and the charred skin in the shape of a palm, he was fine.

"Haha!" ...

Austin laughed out loud. It seemed that a warrior mastered the stage two of Overlord Body-refining Formula could sustain the direct attack of a cultivator of the Energy Gathering Realm. Perhaps it could even withstand the attack of a cultivator at the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

... ... ...


What an incredible force that was!"

All the five inner disciples, including Merlin, had thought that Austin would have been killed by the Demonic Bone-chilling Claw. On the contrary, Austin simply backed up a little and then stood firm. No harm seemed to have come to him. After receiving every blow, Austin just laughed loudly, still safe and sound.

This turn of events surprised everybody. They were left staring at Austin, dumbfounded.

Merlin, out of everyone present, was most knowledgeable about the tremendous power of the Demonic Bone-chilling Claw. Even a cultivator of the preliminary stage of Earth Realm was once severely hurt by it.

Unexpectedly, Austin, who was rumored to have just reached the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm, boasted of such an indestructible body.

"I don't believe it!"

Merlin had vowed to kill Austin. But now, he couldn't even seriously injure him. Shocked, confused, and furious, he couldn't put up with what was happening.

His angry screams echoed through the air. He mus



It felt as though the air between them exploded. The disciple's body was mangled by the blow.

His chest was crushed.

A deafening sound was heard by everyone and the disciple's breastbone was shattered into a thousand pieces. His organs vaporized and his body was sent flying through the air as though it was a doll. Blood gushed from his badly disfigured mouth. He landed on the ground a dozen meters away. He was dead even before he landed.

The other four disciples were absolutely horrified.

They inhaled sharply.

There was no denying the power and strength of Austin's body.

He not only successfully resisted the attacks of a level nine cultivator of Energy Gathering Realm; he also killed a level eight cultivator with one punch.

It would sound unimaginable to anybody who hadn't seen it with their own two eyes.

Even Earth Realm cultivators did not dare use their physical bodies to receive attacks from level nine or level eight cultivators of Energy Gathering Realm. It was incredibly rare to witness one from the preliminary stage of Earth Realm to defeat the latter, and in mere seconds, for that matter.

"Let's kill him together. If he lives, all of us will die," shouted an inner disciple, his voice full of desperation.

The other three disciples nodded their agreement.

Simultaneously, they attacked, each disciple performing the best and most damaging technique he knew, hoping to defeat Austin and find a way out.

Isaac used his Sea God Fist. When he stretched out his fist, ripples formed in the air. Seawater rushed and flowed everywhere, ready to rip apart any enemy standing in its way.

On the other side, Merlin exerted his Demonic Bone-chilling Claw to attack Austin again, recognizing the possibility that it might all be in vain.

Now that Austin had gotten a bit exhausted from fighting four enemies, Merlin thought that his Demonic Bone-chilling Claw might find an opportunity to strike a mortal blow.

Another inner disciple wielded a long sword. He threw Austin deadly glances. Suddenly, two sharp swords shot from his eyes and flew toward Austin. This disciple, it turned out, had learned a level two sword intent.

The last inner disciple held a broadsword in one hand. He wielded his weapon coolly, but he seemed like he had immense strength. Looking at him, one would think that he could cut a hill into two.

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