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   Chapter 269 You'll Offer Me Exactly What I Need (Part Three)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5704

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:47

Hmm! Austin Lin, do you think that the five of us are here by accident?

one of the inner disciples said coldly and arrogantly while his eyes were fixed at Austin.

"Ha ha! You must be kidding, right? This is a quiet and lonely place to be and only a few people come here. Why would I think the five of you are here accidentally? I am not so naive.

Actually I knew that you were coming for me. Johnson, Steward Su has sent you to find and capture me. Am I right?" Austin asked with a smile.

"What?" the inner disciples had not expected this answer and looked at each other, confused about how Austin knew their intentions.

"How do you know that the five of us have been sent by Steward Su and that we are here to catch you?"

"Why don't you attempt to run away?" another inner disciple asked, totally puzzled by the calmness on Austin's face.

The faces of the five inner disciples had expressions of shock and astonishment. They were unable to understand how Austin was so relaxed while he stood before them. He showed no fear and no regret!

"Run away? Why should I run away? After seeing the five of you here, I am overjoyed. How can I run away? " Austin retorted.

"What are you talking about? You know we are here to capture you, still you are happy to see us? Are you insane?"

The five inner disciples were stunned by each word that Austin spoke. 'What was wrong with this guy?' they wondered.

"Isaac, I think Austin has realized that he will not be able to escape from Steward Su after killing Marvin. The pressure and fear, the distress and terror have made him go crazy. I think, he has become deranged.

I have heard people say that Austin had been a fool for thr

for his mistakes," Isaac quickly reminded Merlin what they were supposed to do.

"It's too late! This guy must die! I cannot let him live after what he did to me!"

Merlin had become so enraged that he did not want to hear anyone's advice. He could not let this guy get out alive from there. It was not enough for Merlin to take him to Steward Su. Merlin had to kill him to avenge the insult. No one dared to slap him ever. Austin had to die for doing such a thing!

"Ha ha! Don't save your strength. Try your best," Austin said calmly with a smile. Merlin's anger had no impact on Austin. He had slapped Merlin deliberately and now he was waiting for Merlin to attack so that he could test his new physical power.

While he was calm inside, his body started to become hard. Sensing the toughness overwhelming his skin, Austin was confident of himself. He did not use his vital energy at all. He was going to take in the heat and power being projected at him by Merlin. Austin had decided to face it only with his physical body. He knew what he was doing and was eager to show them all that they were totally unaware of!

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