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   Chapter 267 You'll Offer Me Exactly What I Need (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7658

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Austin was totally lost in a different world as he got indulged and passionately involved in the cultivation. He had not stopped till he reached level three sword intent. Only after he achieved what he wanted, he slowly opened his eyes.

'What has happened to me?

All the pains and aches that had overtaken my body have already gone. I do not feel any pain at all!

It looks like the enhancing power and potency of the liquid which was inside the iron barrel have been absorbed by my body completely!' Austin thought. He was filled with delight when he checked the scarce amount of liquid left inside the barrel. He was right! Slowly he sensed the force gushing in each cell of his body. It was as if a powerful storm was flowing inside his energy meridians and blood vessels freely. It was strange because he did not feel any discomfort, rather he felt more comfortable with all those forces rushing within his blood stream.

Gradually, a strong force seemed to rise inside Austin's body; he felt like a giant whirlpool swirling within him. The force flowed in and out of each of his organs, and every point of his energy meridians; it traveled across each cell of his bones, muscles and skin. He felt it flow eternally through his veins. The force was as powerful as ten thousand horses galloping ahead without any restraint. It was as powerful as the storm raging on the turbulent sea.

Each pore, every cell of his muscles and bones was filled with that powerful force! It was seizing his body and spreading everywhere.

While all that happened inside him, his skin miraculously appeared to have a new texture, like that of jade. It was clear, smooth, strong and beautiful. Austin realized that a lot of things were changing in him—not only inside his body but also in his appearance.

Filled with the new power, Austin roared like thunder echoing before it struck.

His voice shook the surroundings. The leaves on the branches of the trees in the forest trembled and fell to the ground; the birds that were chirping happily a few moments ago were frightened and flew away in all directions. Everything quivered as if a giant beast had appeared before them from nowhere!


Austin leaped out from the big iron barrel. His whole naked body glittered in gold

uck. But that doesn't mean he is more powerful than us. We are the inner disciples! He just cannot be more powerful than us!

If we meet Austin today, I will show him and you, how weak he is! His identity as the so-called principal disciple is nothing when he is fighting against the inner disciples!"

Hearing Isaac's words, the other disciples nodded their heads in affirmation. They all had the same feelings about Austin!

They were indignant at the fact that the high-positioned members of the Sect had decided to choose the principal disciples directly from the outer sect.

It was true that most of the inner disciples were not only more powerful than the outer disciples in areas of force and energy, but also had cultivated themselves for a much longer time. This gave them an edge over the outer disciples, so they resented the decision of the Sect.

Earlier, all the principals had been chosen from the inner disciples. But this time the rule had been changed. The three principal disciples were directly chosen from the outer ones. This meant that the inner disciples had a lesser chance to be promoted to principal disciples.

Now when Isaac mentioned this matter, the other four inner disciples felt that it was unfair and were resentful again. They were trying to get a chance to vent their anger at Austin, who was an outer disciple and had been directly chosen to be a principal disciple a few days ago! All of them had sworn that they would teach Austin a good lesson once they found him.

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