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   Chapter 266 Level Three Sword Intent

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Johnson, the steward of the Sun Sect, was meditating and practicing in a magnificent house in Peace Town.

He had reached the peak of the medium stage of the Earth Realm in vital energy. Of late, he had started feeling strongly that the time to upgrade to the premium stage of the Earth Realm had arrived.

He had originally planned to keep close at home and practice to get to the premium stage of the Earth Realm with every bit of effort in this period.

But before that, Marvin had asked him to kill Austin secretly to settle old scores.

Everyone knew that Marvin was Johnson's nephew. But what nobody knew was that Marvin was born of the adultery between Johnson and his sister-in-law, which meant that Johnson loved him even more dearly.

After receiving Marvin's notice that Austin had left Sun Sect for Peace Town, Johnson rushed to Peace Town, only to find Marvin's rotten corpse.

Knowing for sure that Austin had killed Marvin, Johnson was consumed with hatred for Austin.

He led a group of loyal disciples who he had secretly trained in the Sun Sect in the past to Peace Town, vowing to tear Austin to shreds.

However, for several days in a row, Austin was nowhere to be found in Peace Town.

So now, although Johnson was meditating in the room, his thoughts kept swirling inside his head. Marvin's death stuck in his mind and he decided to find Austin as soon as possible and kill him.

As he meditated, a disciple knocked on the door, shouting anxiously.

Johnson's heart jolted, a hope that they had found Austin's whereabouts taking root within him.

"Come in."

At his words, the door swung open and a disciple walked in.

"Steward, Isaac seems to have found Austin."

"What? Really? They have? Good job! Marvin, you can rest assured. I'll get even with that bastard!

And Austin, I'll beat you hard, and then torture you in the cruelest ways in the world!

You'll bitterly regret killing my dear Marvin!"

A vicious monster growled within Johnson.

"Call everyone to band together and find out where exactly Austin is. Don't let him escape again!". . . The north side of Peace Town.

After Austin left Peace Town, he crossed hills and jungles and waded across a river. Six hours later, he came to a large dense jungle that was secluded and uninhabited.

In the woods, trees put forth their blossoms for his eyes to feast on, wildflowers and grasses were verdant, beautiful and fragrant, making the place poetic and picturesque.

'The environment here is good, ' thought Austin. 'And most importantly, it's very quiet, and no one will disturb me. What an amazing place for me to practice the second stage!'

Showing no interest in the surrounding scenery, Austin began to prepare for his practice.

First, he looked around the forest for water.

A clear stream flowed not far from the forest.

Austin took out the big iron bucket that he had bought in Peace Town. The bucket was about two meters high, so big that it needed three adults to get their arms around it. Ordinary people who had never been train

omprehension of the martial arts and the general situation of the world, and his understanding of the law of the world. It was one of the deepest realms of his soul. The level two sword intent that Austin had grasped was usually hidden in his soul.

Now, his soul was tormented. The level two sword intent that had hidden in his soul was roused and erupted uncontrollably. Austin didn't intentionally urge the two swords, but they began to practice in his soul.

Moreover, his soul and spirit were the most sensitive and soberest, and he could think faster than usual. This meant that he had a deeper understanding of the sword intent. He finally knew the answers to the questions that had confused him when he practiced martial arts before.

'Oh, I see. That's why, ' mused Austin. But he was soon attracted again by the fighting skills that the two swords in the depths of his soul were showing him.

As he paid attention to the swordsmanship, his mind seemed to merge with the two swords. His heart went with the swords, and he even forgot his pain and suffering.

The hoarse and exhausted cries of pain stopped abruptly.

The two swords in Austin's soul seemed to have removed his pain and turned it into nothing.

The medicinal juice in the bucket kept permeating Austin's body.

He fixed his eyes on the two swords in his soul. With the changing movements of the Illusory Swordsmanship, he completely integrated himself into a clear sword intent realm. The level two sword intent became more refined, sharper, and purer.

Moreover, in this clear sword intent realm, he found that the two swords in his soul began to change and wanted to make some breakthroughs.

Finally, with a clear click, the two swords irresistibly merged into one and then separated again. In Austin's soul, there were three swords standing sharp in a line!

Amidst this extreme physical pain, Austin's soul ushered in the third-level sword intent.

And now, he had gone one step further in swordsmanship and achieved level three sword intent.

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