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   Chapter 265 The Material Needed To Practice The Second Stage Of Overlord Body-refining Formula (Part Two)

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Even if his opponent was at the medium stage or the premium stage of Earth Realm, he might sustain injuries from their strikes but he definitely wouldn't die.

Now that he'd considered all this, Austin decided that mastering the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula would be the best move for him now as his cultivation was at the Earth Realm and could be really helpful when he fought against a cultivator at the same level.

'If I can't be killed by anyone, I could concentrate a lot more on attacking them!' Austin realized.

He was lost in thought with the space ring still in hand.

Finally, he concluded that the third stage would be his ultimate trump card.

In his eyes, the second stage was now like something that was unappetizing and yet not bad enough to throw away.


In the end, Austin made up his mind that he would learn the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula since he had already started to learn the second stage.

He had more than enough money anyway.

After killing the Steward Meng sent by the Medicine Sect, Austin had obtained about four million vital energy crystals from his space ring.

Buying all the materials needed to learn the third stage would only cost him about three million vital energy crystals.

"Sir, is there anything wrong with the goods?" the shopkeeper asked worriedly, seeing Austin standing there hesitantly after getting the space ring with the materials worth one million vital energy crystals.

He thought that there was a problem with the materials he had provided.

"Oh, no. The materials are good. They are exactly what I need.

But I have another order, a much greater one. I want to know whether you can do it or not," Austin replied.

He'd made up his mind to buy the materials from the same shop since he was so satisfied with the shopkeeper.

"Oh? A greater order?"

The shopkeeper

s man is really suspicious. These days, there are about forty disciples watching in Peace Town. And now, this strange man whom the disciples have never seen has appeared all of a sudden. He's really suspicious," the first disciple said.

"Yes, Merlin, you are right. I've asked another disciple to collect information about this strange man and find out where he came from.

I believe we will have some answers soon," the second one replied.

These two men, Merlin and Isaac, were disciples from the Sun Sect. They were Johnson Su's henchman and were a part of his inner circle.

While they were talking, another figure approached them.

The two became excited when they saw the third man coming.

"Did you find out anything about that man?" Isaac asked the third one in a hurry.

"The man who wears a cloak is a guest of a hotel in the west of Peace Town.

I asked the clerk of that hotel and he told me that the stranger was actually a handsome young man," the third disciple replied.

"Austin Lin! He must be Austin!"

both Isaac and Merlin exclaimed as soon as they heard what the third one said.

"Hurry! Go and report this situation to Steward Su! The two of us will follow him. We'll leave some tracks so that you can find us easily."

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