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   Chapter 264 The Material Needed To Practice The Second Stage Of Overlord Body-refining Formula (Part One)

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When Austin reached the magnificent elixir shop that he had gone to last time, he entered it directly.

Inside the shop, the same clerk that he had met before was sitting at the counter and writing something with his head low.

Austin let out a cough to get his attention.

Hearing the noise, the clerk raised his head and was stunned to see Austin, who was still wearing his grey cloak.

"Do you remember me?" Austin asked.

The last time Austin had come here, he had been wearing a black cloak, so he wouldn't be surprised if the clerk didn't recognize him.

"Oh, my. I remember your face. The shopkeeper asked me to pay special attention to you when you came. Now here you are.

Please come in, come in," the clerk said warmly.

The last time Austin had come to the store, the clerk had received a big bonus thanks to Austin's order. If everything went well today, he would definitely receive another reward because Austin's order this time was worth a million vital energy crystals.

Needless to say, he received Austin with the biggest smile on his face.

Together, they entered the luxury room at the back of the shop where the thin and kind shopkeeper was waiting for them.

As soon as the shopkeeper saw Austin, he stood up.

"Hi, sir. May I know about my order? Do you have all the herbs and Elixirs?" Austin asked.

This was Austin's biggest priority at the moment.

"Of course, sir. It was my honor to prepare everything. Everything you requested on your list is ready. We've merely been waiting for you to come and take the goods," the old shopkeeper replied with a laugh.

He was a plain-spoken man and didn't add anything else.

"Oh, really? Everything is ready?"

Austin was overjoyed. He had expected the order to take a much longer time to fulfill.

The shopkeeper smiled and passed him a space ring.

Holding the space ring in his hand, Austin scanned it with his spiritual sense. After a moment, he nodded in satisfaction. It was true that

arth Realm, a force of 5, 000 pounds wouldn't be enough for him.

Basically, learning the second stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula would help him improve his physical body's strength and toughness, tenacity, and anti-strike force.

But when fighting against cultivators at a higher level than the medium stage of Earth Realm, he wouldn't be able to expect the second stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula to be the trump card that would let him miraculously defeat his enemy.

Of course, he could still learn the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula!

If he finished learning the third stage, his bones and muscles would be completely reformed. He would be immune against most illnesses and poison. Even fire and water wouldn't be able to hurt him. He would be able to bear the strike from a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm. And his blow would have the force of 8, 000 pounds.

Anyway, the most attractive factor for Austin was that he would be able to bear the force of his enemy's strike just by using his physical body.

In other words, once he learned the third stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, he wouldn't need to defend himself at all. He could just focus on attacking his opponent when fighting against someone at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm.

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