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   Chapter 263 A Semi-finished Pill (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5903

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According to the Elixir Foundation, the different places in the herbal pot required different temperatures, especially when mixing different liquid and essences.

It was the same herbal pot. However, some places of it would require high temperature and some would need low temperature. It was frankly hard to do. The refiner must have the ability to control the temperatures in different areas of the pot precisely.

Austin observed the situation in the pot through the ice crystal once more.

However, it was difficult for him to have an idea about the pot's temperature just by simply looking. He could clearly see the ingredients inside the pot but he couldn't touch them or feel them. Thus, there was no way for him to know how hot it was inside the pot now. How could he even control the temperature of the flames in this situation?

Austin repeated the related part in the Elixir Foundation multiple times. Nonetheless, he still couldn't figure out how to control the heat in different places of the pot. He felt as if he was stuck.

He was in that dilemma when a thought suddenly flashed in his mind. 'It's true that I can't feel the temperature inside but wait... I have a spiritual sense! That should do! I could apply my spiritual sense power and make it work into the herbal pot. I'd definitely know the temperature anywhere in the pot by doing that. Thus, I can control my vital energy based on it.'

Austin immediately took action with this in his mind.

He released his spiritual sense power and within a moment, he got a full view of what was inside the pot. He instantly knew the temperature at every point inside the pot and even the interior sculpted decorations. Everything was suddenly so clear to him just like the way he could se

t alley after leaving the room. He dropped by a garment store and bought a grey robe before heading to the pill store. He took his black cloak off and put on his grey cloak instead.

He assumed that the people from the Medicine Sect must be searching for him everywhere. Thus, he changed his garment. He had taken the powerful crystal from the Cloud Cave from them and killed Steward Meng. These two sins alone should be enough to make the Sect go crazy about hunting him down.

Clearly, he was no longer safe with the black cloak on.

He went to the Pill Trading Street after dressing himself in a grey cloak. The mentioned street was the busiest one in the Peace Town.

He thought that no one would recognize him, let alone notice him because of his new clothes.

He was terribly wrong!

There was really no way for him to escape if a person set his full mind in catching him. Two men were already eyeing him from afar just shortly after he showed up on the street of Peace Town.

Since the street was full of hustle and bustle, a crowd of people, and tons of vehicles, Austin had left his guard down and didn't even notice that he had been spotted.

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