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   Chapter 262 A Semi-finished Pill (Part One)

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Austin was too exhausted that he just sank onto the ground after extracting the essence from the muscle-generating herbs. He was doing his first trial at refining a pill and he never expected it to be this consuming. Thus, he went for a short break.

He felt that he had consumed nearly one-third of his vital energy. Thus, he got on his feet and sighed, "Who could have thought that pill-refining is such an energy-consuming work?"

Austin sat down with his legs crossed. He tried to regain his focus and get rid of all distracting thoughts. His eyes were fixed on his nose, his nose connecting to his heart. Then with full concentration, he started the Golden Sun Scripture formula.

He dictated the vital energy within his body to flow in the way he wanted. Surprisingly, he noticed something odd happening. Although the pill-refining process consumed much of his energy earlier, while he was cultivating it now, the speed of how his body absorbed the vital energy around him had become unusually faster. Moreover, he could feel how easier it was for him to control the vital energy running in his body. It seemed that all his problems with cultivating his energy had disappeared.

That was when it dawned to him. Refining a pill required him to constantly transport his vital energy into the herbal pot to sustain the flames within it. Thus, it became a good practice for him to improve his ability in controlling the flow of his vital energy.

After an hour of cultivation in meditation, Austin finally recovered his vital energy which had been consumed in the process of refining the muscle-generating herbs.

Furthermore, he could also feel how stronger his vital energy had become. It was needless to say that pill-refining was indeed a conductive process to vital energy cultivation.

If so, then he would like to refine more pills in his free time. It would be a nice way to improve his vital

t to control the temperature of the flames through his intuition. The flames mildly heated the lumps that were formed and melted it evenly in the suspension.

With the constant heat being administered, the thick paste turned into a dark red paste.

Austin observed the dark red paste in the herbal pot through that transparent crystal. With a little hesitation, he threw the essence of vigor-generating fruits into the mixture.

The black particles fell into the pot but nothing changed. The particles just danced in the flames without any sign of melting into the dark red paste.

"Different materials have different tolerance to the temperature. The refiner must learn to control the temperature of the flames at different spots in the herbal pot. The refiner must suppress the flames in the areas where the pot needs low temperature. Same with the areas that need a higher temperature, the refiner needs to ease the control with the flames and make the area warmer."

Sweat began forming on Austin's forehead as he grew anxious about what was going on. The black particles of the vigor-generating fruits hadn't blended into the red paste yet. He repeated reading the part of Elixir Foundation where the method of blending different essences was introduced.

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