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   Chapter 261 Austin As A Pill Refiner (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5907

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The herbal pot of a pill refiner was as important as a sword to a warrior. Its quality would greatly affect the success of the refining process.

Austin checked if there was any problem with the entrance for fire.

He put his right hand to the entrance and delicately touched it. Then he closed his eyes and summoned the golden fire he had. A snap was heard then the fire suddenly appeared on his hand.

Austin controlled the fire and it quickly burst into the herbal pot. It entered the beast mouth as if it was absorbed by the pot.

Austin was surprised when he saw the raging blaze that reached the inside of the herbal pot.

"Wow! I have never seen anything like this before. The fire I have condensed with my vital energy is very weak regardless the long time I nurtured it. But it quickly strengthens after it goes into the herbal pot.

A-ha! It seems that the herbal pot can help fuel the fire."

Austin realized that those small-sized arrays and runes inside the pot could nurture the fire. He thought that the maker of the herbal pot must have put a lot of these which contributed to the success of pill refining process.

Austin looked through the mirror and watched the fire burning for a while.

"I must watch closely to the whole process. But it seems like nothing is wrong about this herbal pot." Austin let out a sigh of relief. He already finished the first step which was to examine the tool for the process.

Then he kept the next step on his mind. It was to extract liquid essence from the medicinal herbs.

Austin chose the simplest formula in the Elixir Foundation as his practicing subject. It had the knowledge of basic methods of fire control and the process of extracting different elements from herbs.


a lot of vital energy and vigor to keep refining pills for such a long time.

Austin stayed in front of the herbal pot for several hours. Aside from the vital energy that he used for the process, it also drained his physical and mental energy.

However, he still managed to take the white powder from the muscle-generating herb. Austin's eyes sparkled as he watched the fruit of his labors. He was so satisfied with the result! He was so exhausted yet pleased with his success. He muttered in a weak voice, "Okay, I need to take a break now. I can't stand it any longer!"

Right after he finished his words, suddenly his shoulders dropped and his body collapsed right on to the floor. He quickly gasped for air as his chest heavily breathed.

Austin cursed in his mind. He did not expect that pill refining would cost his body to surrender. Controlling the right temperature of fire was one of the hardest parts of the process.

Before, he was complaining that pill refiners sold their pills at ridiculously high prices. But after he tried doing it by himself, he understood the perspective of pill refiners and felt that their prices were reasonable enough!

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