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   Chapter 260 Austin As A Pill Refiner (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-25 00:38

Two days had passed and Austin went back to the Peace Town.

Austin left his things at the same place where he stayed before. He hadn't checked out of his room in the tavern when he left the town, so he went back to his room directly.

Austin realized that he still had two days before he would get the medicinal materials he ordered from the pill shop.

So he decided to conduct trials in refining pills all by himself during his remaining stay at the town.

He remembered that he already managed to condense his vital energy into fire. It was enough to refine some low-grade pills.

Austin cleared his mind. He sat quietly at the wooden floor and crossed his legs.

He gently closed his eye and sensed his elixir field with his mind. Austin knew that there was a golden flame burning inside. That was exactly the fire he condensed with his vital energy before.

He kept on using his mind to control the fire and commanded it to move out of his belly. It moved inside his body and down along his one arm.

A low snap was heard. The next thing he knew was a fire blazing above his hand.

Its golden light reflected to the whole room as the temperature rose hotter. The sound of flame could be heard as it flickered on his palm.

Austin took several deep breaths. Then he tried to recall the process of nurturing the fire that he had read in the book of Elixir Foundation. According to that, he must have summoned his vital energy which was gathered in his palm and nurtured the golden fire.

Austin continued to draw the vital energy out of his body. The golden fire on his hand grew bigger and hotter as if it was like a burning star.

This stage lasted for two hours before Austin controlled the fire to move back into his body. . .

"I have done a good job. Now, I will try to refine some low-grade pills!"

Austin courageously told himself as he took out some low-grade me

ges. They looked like a heat removal system that would prevent an explosion because of high temperature.

The belly of the pot was equipped with a transparent mirror which was made of ice essence. Through the mirror, the pill refiner could see what was inside the pot.

Delicate designs of beasts and birds were engraved all over the surface of the pot. They were perfectly detailed creatures. Austin was amazed when he first saw the herbal pot. But he never expected that it could be this stunning.

Austin took the book of Elixir Foundation. He turned the pages and looked for the introduction to herbal pots. He read it and recognized the functions of each part.

"Now I know that the two beast mouths at the bottom must be the entrance for fire." He said to himself as he touched the part of the pot.

According to the book, the entrance of fire was the most important part of the herbal pot. It was the essence of the tool. It strictly required delicate polishing. There was a zero tolerance for any mistake. Once there was something wrong about it, even a tiny detail, the whole pot would be a complete failure. The more delicate the entrance was, the better it would be for the refining process. It was a decisive factor in the herbal pot's value.

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