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   Chapter 259 Enemies

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When Austin finally learned how to control the Eagle Wings, he made his first attempt to fly in the sky with excitement.

Fifteen minutes later, he discovered one of the Eagle Wings' features—his velocity and altitude depended on how much vital energy he used. The Eagle Wings took up so much vital energy.

He had already used one third of his vital energy even though he had only been in the air for about half an hour.

A bitter smile cracked his lips when he felt his vital energy was being drained at an alarming speed.

Although it was a rare Secret Weapon, Austin decided to only use it when necessary. After all, it was a vital energy leech.

'I guess even Steward Meng, a strong cultivator at the Mysterious Realm, was unable to fly long hours using these Eagle Wings, ' he thought.

He had originally thought he could fly back to Peace Town using the Eagle Wings to avoid the long and tiresome journey.

But on second thought, he'd rather run to Peace Town than use so much vital energy.

He landed on the ground and placed the Eagle Wings back.

Then he and Violet went back to Peace Town. There were still four days left until the appointed time with the shopkeeper of the elixir store. . . . . .

At Peace Town.

In the garden of a large house, a middle-aged man was sitting on a stone chair, looking cruel and coldhearted. He was none other than Johnson Su, the steward of Sun Sect, and Marvin's uncle.

Standing before him were several inner disciples of the Sun Sect. All of them emitted a strong aura, and were surrounded by intense vital energy. Most inner disciples of the Sun Sect were at the Energy Gathering Realm. In order to become an inner disciple, you must be able to reach level 7 of the Energy Gathering Realm before you even turned 15 years old.

Most inner disciples were above level 8 of Energy Gathering Realm, while only a handful of elite outer disciples were capable of reaching this level. Most outer disciples were between level 4 and level 7 of Energy Gathering Realm.

Marvin and Billy were both at level 8 of Energy Gathering Realm. There were about 5, 000 outer disciples, and only about 30 of them had reached this level.

"Steward Su, we've looked everywhere in Peace Town for the past few days, but there was no sign of Austin anywhere," said a disciple in white coat. He was a handsome man, but a little arrogant.

He had reached level 9 of Energy Gathering Realm; he might even make a breakthrough and reach the Earth Realm any time.

"Son of a bitch! How dare he kill my nephew! He is definitely dead meat. I am going to find him. There is no place in the world that will save him from my wrath.

Marvin, you poor boy! I swear I'll avenge you. I'll cut Austin to pieces.

Roman, you must find him for me. Peace Town is just a small town. We must find that brat at all cost!"

place full of birds chirping about and was filled with the fragrance of flowers. The stone door to the cabin weighed 1, 000 pounds.


A terrifying amount of vital energy force exploded inside the stone cabin, causing the stone door to disintegrate. The debris was sent flying all over the place.

Crack! Crack!

In the blink of an eye, six large trees around the secret cabin were smashed into pieces by the flying debris.

Boom! Boom!

The trunks fell onto the ground, causing sand and stones flying. The place finally quieted down after some time.

Then an old man with grey hair suddenly stepped out. He was surrounded by dense vital energy force. His aura was so strong and menacing.

"Aaaaargh! What's going on? Why is Raymond's Soul Badge broken?

Raymond, my dear grandson!

What has happened to you?

Who? Who killed my dear grandson?

Even the surging waters can never extinguish my flames of anger.

Our Cui Clan has only one heir for five generations. Raymond is my only grandson, the apple of my eye.

I can't believe that he has been killed.

I'm the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley, yet someone dared to kill my dear grandson. The murderer has declared war on the Flaming Sun Valley. I will never forgive him!

I swear I'll avenge Raymond. I will investigate who killed him even if it means using the full strength of the Flaming Sun Valley."

The old man was Dwayne Cui, the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley.

His grandson was Raymond, who had been killed by Austin.

He had been focused on cultivation in the secret cabin in the last few months. When he finished his cultivation and came to his senses, he then discovered that his grandson's Soul Badge had broken.

He issued his commands to his men. After a while, a group of elite members of the Flaming Sun Valley left the sect to investigate who had killed Raymond.

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