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   Chapter 258 Austin Got The Pair Of Eagle Wings (Part Two)

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Among all these things, the jade bottles containing elixirs caught Austin's eyes first. There were altogether over a dozen of them. He unplugged a couple of the bottles to see what was inside. However, the levels and qualities of the elixirs collected by Steward Meng were insignificant compared to the ones Austin found in the Cloud Cave, which were left by the Great Sage Cloud.

Even though the elixirs were not up to the mark, it was a great fortune for ordinary cultivators and would evoke envies among many people.

The next objects to catch the attention of both Austin and Violet were the vital energy crystals.

They fixed their eyes on them and wondered why they seemed to be different from the ones they were used to seeing.

The crystals were indeed different from their brightness, their luster, their color, their saturation and the spiritual energy they contained. They were far more improved and better than the run-of-the-mill ones that people got to see on a daily basis.

'Aren't they the refined vital energy crystal people always talk about?' Austin thought.

He picked one of them by his hands and tried to feel the vital energy force it contained. To his surprise, the crystal proved to be hundreds of times higher than that of an ordinary crystal.

Austin drove the force a little and felt it gave out a stream of pure vital energy, which ran into his palm and then into his energy meridians.

As he expected a moment ago, this kind of vital energy crystal could be used to cultivate, and cultivators could directly absorb vital energy from it. In this great world, wonders never cease to happen.

"Violet, it was true!" Austin exclaimed. "Earlier, I thought of it as just a rumor, but today I experienced it myself. This kind of vital energy can be used to cultivate directly. Everything comes to people who wait!

You know what? The vital energy force contained in each crystal is more than you can ever imagine, and I can tell that it is as much as that of two Energy-prevailing Elixirs!" Austin said, his voice trembling with excitement.

He looked and sounded very confident about it.

"Wow, I still can't believe it, Violet! It's real! And this kind of vital energy crystal can be used directly in our process of cultivation. We need to pay more attention to find more of them, and then we will get double the result by doing half the wor

llen leaves and even pebbles in the place where Austin was standing got swept away from the ground.

Austin sensed that these wings were going to soar high in the sky, and he could hardly hold them back. He was afraid that they would fly away at any moment.

He hurriedly called out his thousand-pound force to keep them under his control.

The wings struggled a moment and then stopped flapping. They gave another sharp cry, which could thrill a human's soul as if they had taken Austin as their master. The next moment, these wings suddenly turned into two flashes, which pierced into Austin's palms separately and ran along his arms to his back.

With a loud thud, a pair of eagle wings popped out from Austin and flapped on his back.

A weird feeling ran through Austin's heart, and he felt that these wings had blended with his body to become an extension of his own body.

As long as he wanted to move them, they would move like his own hands or legs. Austin didn't wait but flapped his wings, and as he did so, he realized that he had risen from the ground.

Within one blink of his eyes, Austin was floating over ten meters above the ground in the wind.

"Wow, wonderful!" he shouted out loud in excitement.

He tried to control the Eagle Wings with his mind and practiced how to fly.

After several times, he had mastered the flying skill and could fly as freely as a bird.

"Violet, did you see it? I can fly now!"

He shouted in exuberance like a little boy, and this was the first time he acted like that ever since he had stepped into this world.

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