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   Chapter 257 Austin Got The Pair Of Eagle Wings (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7221

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:35

Austin held the eagle wings in his hands and looked at it minutely. The apparent dark brown feather was dotted with purple cloud-like patterns which caught the eyes only if one looked carefully. It felt hard as steel to touch but still had the warmth of an animal body.

Austin watched it with awe as it was beyond his imagination that a human being could fly in the sky just like a bird with the help of these wings. Though he had no idea how to use them at the moment yet he kept gasping in admiration.

The aspiration to soar high in the sky has been the fondest of all dreams for mankind since ancient times. Evidently, the invention of airplanes is but a testimony of the fulfillment of that aspiration. And Austin was no exception. As a matter of fact, ever since, he had seen Steward Meng flying, the desire to rip the sky became stronger in his heart than ever before. He felt flying was much faster a mode of movement than running on the ground, especially when he was in danger and had to save his life.

Austin could foresee how convenient it would be for him with these wings. He would be able to do a lot of things that he couldn't do now, and besides, for a cultivator, there was no end to acquiring skills in his entire lifetime.

Thinking of all this, Austin became more enthused. He examined the wings up and down, trying to find out how to fly with them.

However, after turning it over and observing it minutely from all sides, he ended up getting completely puzzled and was unable to make head or tail of it, because he did not know the way to start.

He thought of every possible mean. He even tried to place them on his back to see whether they could stay there by themselves.

To his utter disappointment, nothing really worked much. Austin found himself in dismay for having been in the dark.

"Come on! Let's go and see if Steward Meng is in the forest right now. I saw he was flying in that direction a moment ago. Right here!" Austin heard someone talking at a distance.

Austin could make out from their voice that the disciples from Medicine Sect were approaching them.

Although most of these disciples had

t very soon, Master! I remember that you got the space ring from that man. Why don't you take a look at what he has got there? Maybe you can find some clue!" Violet suggested.

It was her duty to relieve Austin of any kind of anxiety and difficulty.

Austin nodded in approval immediately, and his eyes were lit up with excitement. It was true that two heads are better than one.

Ever since he got those wings from Steward Meng, Austin had been focusing on how to use them and didn't pay any attention to check what else was there inside the space ring.

Then he put the two wings aside on the ground first and took the ring out. Driven by his will, the things came out one after another and lined up on the ground for him to take a look.

What a fortune it was!

Vital energy crystal, elixirs, spirit tools, and there was everything that Austin could think of.

With a rough estimation, there were over 4 million vital energy crystals, which was really beyond Austin's imagination.

Austin felt incredibly blessed. He could not believe his eyes. He wondered whether every cultivator of the Mysterious Realm was as rich as the one he had killed a moment ago.

Indeed, Steward Meng came from the Medicine Sect. He himself must be quite a pill refiner. Moreover, having stepped into the Mysterious Realm, he seemed to have accumulated so many things in his space ring. But now all of these belonged to Austin.

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