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   Chapter 256 Killing Steward Meng! (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6889

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:34

When the golden pagoda was broken, Austin felt a rush of emptiness through his energy meridians, finally feeling how his energy had drained away.

A sense of inadequacy took over his body. It was a sign of too much loss of his vital energy.

Although the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill was extremely powerful and famous for its fierce and overwhelming momentum, every time it was performed, it would consume 70 percent of the cultivator's vital energy, which meant that at the moment only 30 percent of Austin's vital energy was left in his energy meridians.

Steward Meng immediately realized Austin's burn-out state.

Now, both he and Austin were an even match for each other. As Steward Meng also got worn out and his injuries got worse, Steward Meng knew that he had had a chance but not now, not after all that had happened. This bitter truth bogged him down.

In a normal scenario, he, a cultivator in the Mysterious Realm, could have easily defeated an opponent of the Earth Realm even if he had failed to kill him in a second.

Today, as a result of the battle with the three-eyed scarlet bull, Steward Meng had suffered too much and was so badly injured that he was barely able to cope with a cultivator in the Earth Realm.

It gave him a bitter sense of loss.

Still Austin too suffering from exhaustion consoled his bruised ego.

'This tough guy owns a powerful combat capability, but he's in the Earth Realm after all. On the basis of his vital energy, he is no match for me.' Steward Meng felt proud at this thought.

'After the tough battle between us, neither he nor I tasted victory. His vital energy is now ebbing to the most basic level.'

"Haha, a nobody is always a nobody. Do you think you, a cultivator of the Earth Realm, could really prove to be a threat to someone like me?

Well, let me guess, you've lost at least 70 percent of your vital energy. Am I right? I'll see how you defend yourself against my subsequent attacks! I'm telling you, you're going to die today!"

Steward Meng let out a wild laugh an

called back his six-layered golden pagoda. Breathing again, Austin felt hollow on the inside, as his body became limp and powerless.

Austin smiled bitterly, and forced himself to summon his vital energy stone to refill him. In a few moments the vital energy in his energy meridians was replenished and reached its peak.

The fight had cost him a lot of vital energy, but it was worth it. After all, he was able to kill a cultivator of the Mysterious Realm.

In truth, Austin could never have imagined that he was capable of this. The cultivator of the Mysterious Realm was already on the same level as Theon, the Leader of the Sun Sect.

But Austin could tell that Steward Meng from the Medicine Sect was much weaker than Theon. Steward Meng was supposed to be in the preliminary stage of Mysterious Realm, while Theon was definitely in the premium stage of Mysterious Realm.

As his vital energy returned, Austin walked over to the body of Steward Meng and removed a Space Ring from one of his fingers. The collection of a cultivator of the Mysterious Realm must be very valuable, so Austin was careful not to miss it.

Taking off the Space Ring, Austin found the Eagle Wings on the ground not far from the dismembered body of Steward Meng.

When Steward Meng was killed, the Eagle Wings were separated from his body and became irrelevant to him.

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