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   Chapter 255 Killing Steward Meng! (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-25 00:33

By condensing the three-layered golden pagoda, power exuded from Austin.

Steward Meng impulsively nodded admiring Austin's three-layered golden pagoda as he felt the pressure exerted in the air around them.

"Well, this skill carries a terrific force, making it very impressive. I am guessing it takes an enormous amount of vital energy, doesn't it? It looks like the vital energy in your golden pagoda is all pure masculine energy. Nine is an extremely masculine number, so it is supposed to be a nine-layered golden pagoda when you practice this skill at the Great Achievement Stage.

But yours only has three layers. This means you've only mastered the first move of this skill. Unfortunately, your aggressive martial skill and vigorous vital energy will fail to fend off my attack, since you haven't even begun on the second step, or the third where maybe I, with serious injuries, couldn't have done anything in front of a mighty cultivator like you. What a pity! You'll never get a chance to practice the next two moves."

Steward Meng talked as if he were the shoo-in of the two of them. His certain tone lacing his words irked Austin to no end. He then took out a dark red pill, ingested it, and secretly used his vital energy to heal his injuries.

Austin's sharp eyes sparkled in anger and his lips curled into a faint sneer.

"What!? You think I won't get a chance to practice my second step?"

The moment these words were spoken, the three-layered golden pagoda slightly trembled, and a light golden vital energy engulfed the entire structure. And then, in an instant, the fourth layer of the pagoda appeared.

Steward Meng's jaw dropped. When he blinked to see exactly what was happening to the pagoda, a fifth and a sixth layer were already taking shape. Finally, a six-layered golden pagoda gently stood in Austin's palm. At the same time, a wave of tremendous vital energy fluctuations quietly rippled out from him.

Austin was nothing less than pleased. A hint of a satisfied smile played on his lips and his eyes sparkled with a triumphant look all the while he felt the strong force that came from the six-layered golden pagoda.

After he could condense the sixth layer of the pagoda,

ard Meng now was injured, Austin might still have a chance to defeat an unwounded cultivator who was on Steward Meng's level.

"Damn it!"

Seeing that he had little advantage in the battle, Steward Meng couldn't help feeling frustrated and deep anxiety.

In a fit of rage, he began to act recklessly, regardless of his injuries. He manipulated the herbal pot to repeatedly and incessantly attack the pagoda.

On the other side, Austin kept on urging his six-layered golden pagoda to attack his enemy. Since breaking through to the Earth Realm, Austin had been able to release the vital energy from his body into the air.

In the Energy Gathering Realm, when he launched the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill to fight the enemy, he was required to hold the golden pagoda in his hands. But now that he had upgraded his caliber, his pagoda could be flying in the sky and he could maneuver it just as easily by applying his mind to it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ...

The center of the battle between the golden pagoda and the black herbal pot suddenly exploded with a loud sonorous sound. It felt as if the mountains had quivered into landslides and volcanoes were erupting. It was like the surrounding atmosphere was torn asunder!

By now, the two sides had attacked each other a dozen times. And at last, the six-layered golden pagoda started to tire, running out energy. And again, in an explosion, it burst into a cloud of golden particles that vanished into thin air.

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