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   Chapter 254 Confront With A Hardy Opponent At Mysterious Realm (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6475

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:32

As he sunk to the ground, a rusty taste came at the back of his throat. Involuntarily, his throat contracted and a mouthful of blood came out. He wiped it away and pushed against the ground to get himself up.

The herbal pot's energy started to diminish. It seemed to have used up all of it destroying all of Austin's sword intent and pushing him away.

With a wave of his hand, Steward Meng recalled the herbal pot.

Once again, he infused energy into it.

"Again!" he commanded.

Instantly, the herbal pot once again came flying towards Austin with a furious force.

Realizing that his sword skills were useless, Austin desperately thought about the best alternative. Austin felt as if he were pushed against the wall with no idea of how he would escape. Finally, he decided to go with using Twin Shadow Blades this time around.


With a crisp metal crash, the Twin Shadow Blades flew back and almost hit Austin himself.

Luckily, Austin managed to redirect the Twin Shadow Blades with his mind and turn the blunt edges of the blades to his side so the blades would not hurt him.

Still, the impact gave him an internal injury. Another mouthful of blood came out of him.

"Haha! One more!" laughed Steward Meng.

Although it took Steward Meng a lot of vital energy to launch the herbal pot, he was determined to prevent a breathing spell for Austin. He was winning and he wanted to keep it that way.

Without the Twin Shadow Blades to protect him, the herbal pot slammed against Austin once again.

Austin gnashed his teeth in frustration as he looked at the fast approaching herbal pot.


he roared as he stretched his arms. His fists clenched as he concentrated on collecting 1000 pounds of strength in each of them to try to fight the herbal pot.


A loud sound marked the pot's solid impact. With another massive and forceful blow, Austin came flying backward

im smile, he said, "Wow. I am surprised that you're not yet giving up. You're more stupid than I thought. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, son, but it's useless to resist."

Angry, Steward Meng took the herbal pot and threw it forward. Immediately, the vital energy force gushed out as he attacked.

As for Austin, his hand churned like butterflies dancing beautifully among flowers. Countless strings of vital energy shone brightly, wrapping around his arms almost covering it completely. The vital energy force was overwhelmingly powerful.

Then, the vital energy force from Austin's hands formed into a three-layered golden pagoda. It was covered completely in gold.

Inexhaustible energy came rolling in from the three-layered pagoda. Then, he said, "I won't celebrate too early if I were you."

Holding the grand pagoda in his hands, Austin's eyes turned gold as he was filled with its power. The energy around him changed. He was no longer the underdog. Now, he was the dominator. This was the effect of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill: it bestowed the handler with overbearing confidence and equipped him with a force that no other force in the earth or heavens could compare.

Austin stood still. There was no wind but his clothes were rustled with great energy.

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