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   Chapter 253 Confront With A Hardy Opponent At Mysterious Realm (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6915

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:31

A martial artist at Earth Realm has the ability to use vital energy to attack his opponents. Once he transcends into Mysterious Realm, he gains the ability to turn vital energy into any form he wills and use it to strike his enemies.

Sensing the great power of the vital energy palm, Austin stood in awe at his display of immense strength.

Although he only needed to use half of his vital energy to materialize the palm, it was still something impossible for an ordinary martial artist at Earth Realm to defeat.

Austin sunk his toes into the ground and pushed against it to perform a massive leap. Summoning the wind, he managed to instantly move 30 meters away, effectively dodging the attack from Steward Meng's vital energy palm.

Austin's Wind-commanding Skill had been practiced into the third stage: Using the Wind.

This ability gave him extraordinarily superior speed and flexibility. Furthermore, Austin found himself had already reached the Minor Achievement Stage of Using the Wind. He had accelerated his prowess to the fourth stage: Conforming to the Wind.

Barely escaping, the vital energy palm slammed into the place where Austin stood just a few moments ago, creating a pit that that was one meter high and two meters wide. Loose soil scattered by the impact surrounded its rim. Cracks appeared like intricate spider webs weaved haphazardly on the ground.

Austin's smooth escape made Steward Meng's expression grow dark as he eyed him grimly.

Then, he sneered. "Ha, I did not expect you to be able to move like that. Well then, I guess there is no use wasting my time now. No more games. Brace yourself. The real fight is just about to begin," he warned.

Now determined to finish the fight, Steward Meng stretched out his hand and a tiny herbal pot appeared on it. Then, it began to expand. It grew bigger and bigger until it was a hundred times bigger than its original size, surrounded by its mighty vital energy force.

Austin watched the power of the vital energy force sent out from the herbal pot with a blank expre

y herbal pot!"

roared Steward Meng.

As soon as he finished his words, the herbal pot glided through the air as he hurled it towards Austin. A crack echoed through the forest.

Austin reacted immediately, using Violet Royal Sword with Illusory Swordsmanship Skill, to defend himself against it. Twenty or thirty streaks of sword light flew mid-air, meeting the herbal pot, head on.

At the same time, both the abundant sword intent and sword silhouette flew towards the approaching herbal pot with a force that tore through the winds and clouds. The blades spun faster and faster until the herbal pot was completely engulfed by a tornado of wind and swords, preventing it from moving forward.



With two loud explosions, Austin's sword light crashed violently against the herbal pot. Austin watched in disbelief as his sword light broke into a million pieces and disappeared. Similarly, the sword intent and sword silhouette were completely obliterated by the mighty vital energy force of the herbal pot.

Austin's level 2 sword intent was no match for the Steward Meng's herbal pot.

Just as his sword intent disappeared, a huge force rammed against Austin and sent him back dozens of feet away. It felt like a thunder sending a blow to his chest. He staggered and fell, tried to get up unsuccessfully and eventually stopped moving.

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