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   Chapter 252 Pursuit And Escape (Part Two)

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Finally, in the northeast, a familiar figure suddenly came into his peripheral vision. The Steward Meng was able to pinpoint its exact location.

The man, who was wrapped up in a black robe, looked exactly like the impostor disciple of the Medicine Sect before.

Although Austin's running speed was amazing that he could go thirty meters in one step, which was several times faster than a cheetah, he was still no match with Steward Meng who is flying in the sky with wings.

Because running on the ground meant passing through the dense forest with multiple obstacle in front of him, like brambles and rocks. His speed was not as fast as a flying creature. The terrain was pitted, and the height was varying from mountain to mountain. He must take time in order to avoid or overcome the different obstacles in front of him.

However there was not so much trouble when flying in the sky. The Steward Meng could keep flying straight ahead without any hindrances in his way.

A cheetah could never outrun an eagle flying on its wings, even if it is the fastest animal on land.

When the Steward Meng found the Austin's tracks, his face showed a trace of irony. Then he rushed down and glided at a lower attitude towards the direction of Austin.

In an instant, he was already at the dense forest where Austin was located. Suspended in mid-air, he released his spiritual sense and searched for him in the area.

When his spiritual sense locked on Austin, Austin also sensed that

a spiritual sense which came out of nowhere had somehow already found his scent and located him.

And the spiritual sense, to his surprise, came from the air above him.

Austin suddenly recalled that in the confrontation between the three Mysterious Realm cultivators of the Medicine Sect and the two diabolic beasts, Purple Flaming Lion King and three-eyed scarlet bull, a pair of eagle wings once appeared on the back of the Steward Meng.

With that pair of eagle wings, the Steward Meng could fly in the sky, an

ital energy of the Mysterious Realm cultivator.

Thinking about it carefully, if I start a fight with the Steward Meng, I'm afraid there is a great chance that I could defeat him.' Austin thought in his mind.

He had developed a firm and unprecedented character. So, when he looked at the feeble Steward Meng at that moment, he was not afraid because Meng was a Mysterious Realm cultivator, but he was rather excited and ready to showcase his abilities to the man.

The steward Meng had also noticed the eagerness written all over his face. He snorted with disdain, and said, "Sure, I have been badly injured and I am only left with half of my total strength to fight against you. But you need to know that there is a great difference between the Mysterious Realm and the Earth Realm which goes beyond your wildest expectations. Now you still think that you are capable of defending yourself against me? Ha ha, you must lose your mind young man. All right, I'll show you just how different our realms are, and how weak you are against someone like me."

As soon as he finished, he clenched his hand, and a howling vital energy surged forward. A big yellow vital energy palm, which was five times larger than the body of Austin suddenly took shape. It was overwhelmingly powerful which suddenly rushed towards Austin, hitting him.

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