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   Chapter 251 Pursuit And Escape (Part One)

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A few seconds after Austin left, a white figure right behind him rushed towards the cliff. He was the Steward Meng of the Medicine Sect.

He searched everywhere all over the cliff. But he only saw dense forest, with gusts of wind blowing through it, beasts roared on the ground and birds flew in the sky. No trace of Austin could be found from that point on.

This cliff was located half-way up the mountain, and there were many mountain roads arranged in a crisscross pattern: left, right, up the mountain and downhills. He had no idea which direction Austin took.

The mountain where the Cloud Cave was situated was hidden in the hills. Mountains rose up and down alternately in the huge green mountain range. The forests were dense and the grass growing there was higher than the average. The area was so complex that it would really close to impossible to locate someone there.

What's more, Austin used his Wind-commanding Skill in full blast, which multiplied his speed to the max in order to escape. The pale golden vital energy gushed out from Austin's body and wrapped around his feet, like a small tornado circling beneath his feet. Wherever he passed by, the grasses below him were broken off and the sand and rocks were broken apart. His every step catapulted him to about thirty meters far. He was running so fast that he was barely seen, like a black streak of lightning rushing forward.

And in order to get rid of the people pursuing him, he chose complex paths in the densest parts of the forest with dangerous terrain in order to hide his trail.

Thus, when the Steward Meng stood on the cliff, he had completely lost track of Austin's whereabouts.

After a while, the disciples of the Medicine Sect went to the cliff separately, they each held iron claws in their hands. Each iron claw was tied with a rope. It was exactly the tools they had used when they climbed the cliff.

"Steward, which way should we go?"

a disciple of the Medicine Sect, who was in relatively older, asked.

"We will scatter all over the area. Although that man is quite flexible

s trip to the Cloud Cave was definitely fruitful. The most precious gifts among them were undoubtedly these powerful crystals and the vital energy given to him by the Great Sage Cloud.

Moreover, he also obtained a batch of elixirs, secret books and, most importantly, a herbal pot.

While he was calculating his trophies, he suddenly felt a cold tingling at the back of his head. He had no idea what it was. But it was a sense of danger nearby, similar to when a prey had suddenly realized that the hunter had found him.

'Damn it! Has the Steward Meng already sensed my location?'

Austin suddenly deployed his spiritual sense behind him. Everything within 400 meters of the ground could be perceived by his mind.

No one there.

Only some inferior animals and birds inhabited the dense forest behind them. The whole area was silent as well.

However, this feeling of being stared at was getting stronger and stronger, as if a pair of eyes seemed to be watching him closely.

Over the dense forest, the Steward Meng's figure was like an arrow shooting through the clouds. The pair of wings came from a mutant diabolic eagle which was powerful and almost as fast as the true golden eagle when it flew in the sky.

The Steward Meng had been swirling around the dense forest and was able to cover a great area around the Cloud Cave peak in just a short amount of time.

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