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   Chapter 250 Fleeing the Cloud Cave (Part Two)

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Austin got his chance to escape when he noticed that the Chief Elder and Steward Meng got hurt.

If the two were surely in a good state, and their vital energy was at the peak, it would be a lot more difficult for Austin to escape. The Chief Elder and Steward Meng were two Mysterious Realm masters.

Steward Meng bit his lip. Then he selected several Earth Realm cultivators from the twenty-odd Medicine Sect disciples and chased after Austin. They started the hunt as soon as they were picked.

On the other hand, the Chief Elder led the rest of the disciples and went deeper into the cave.

Austin was over two hundred meters far from the place. All of a sudden, his spiritual sense power told him that the people from the Medicine Sect were coming after him.

He sensed that Steward Meng led the team. Austin began to think of ways to get out of danger.

Moreover, Steward Meng enabled his bodily movement skill and tried to chase Austin. He took a lot of medicinal pills and ran at his full speed. Since Meng was a steward of the Medicine Sect, he always took a lot of medicines and pills to heal wounds and recover vital energy in case of emergencies.

It seemed that the people from the Medicine Sect wouldn't let him go easily. Catching Austin would give their satisfaction.

But Austin understood them. The group was the one who desperately fought the diabolic beasts yet Austin seemed to be the one who got the benefits.

It was the powerful crystal they were looking for. Austin took it at the Cloud Cave when he was still an illusion of Walker.

Quickly, he put the Wind-commanding Skill into full play and ran as fast as he could. He was as fast as a black light traveling through an open space. After a short while, he came to the front hall that was near the entrance of the cave.

He was surprised when he noticed that the enhancement of his cultivation base in vital energy would affect the improvement of his speed.

As of the moment, he could cross a span of 30 meters in just a stride.

It proved that all martial skills were greatly affected by the upgrade of one's cultivation base. Wind-commanding Skill w

ere to be found.

He used his spiritual sense power to detect Austin. It faintly sensed a black shadow rapidly going upward the cliff.

Steward Meng's spiritual sense power could reach the distance within the scope of 200 meters. It just took him seconds to find the trace of Austin.

After several minutes, some Medicine Sect disciples who were at the Earth Realm rushed out of the cave and joined Steward Meng on the slab stone square.

"Steward Meng, shall we continue?" one of the disciples asked.

"Austin stayed in the Cloud Cave for so long. He surely got something. We have put so much effort just to get this far. No way that brat is taking advantage of our hard work.

One of you will return to notify the Chief Elder about the situation here, and the rest will accompany me to go after that man." Steward Meng replied.

At this time, with a flash of a black light, Austin already reached the ground that was above the cliff.

"Who would think that there is a cave hidden beneath?" Austin couldn't help but wonder when he looked down at the thick fog.

Before he finished wondering, he sensed that some people were approaching him from below. 'It seemed that the warriors of the Medicine Sect would not give up easily, ' he told himself.

Austin wasted no time. He immediately used his Wind-commanding Skill and rushed to Peace Town at full speed. He could not afford to be caught by his enemies.

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