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   Chapter 249 Fleeing the Cloud Cave (Part One)

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When Steward Meng heard the question of the Chief Elder to Austin, he became shocked. He looked at Austin's eyes with rage. It was a fiery look as if he wanted to kill Austin. He felt betrayed when he was fooled by Austin who used an illusion to look like a disciple in the sect.

"I don't think it's possible, Chief Elder. With all due respect, I have known Walker since childhood and we entered the Medicine Sect together. I know everything about him. His cultivation base is at the fifth level of Energy Gathering Realm. It can't be at the Earth Realm.

A muscular disciple in a black robe stepped forward and said.

"What do you mean to say? Do you think I was wrong with my judgment?"

The disciple lowered his head as he feared the sight of the Chief Elder's intimidating look.

"I apologize if you think I meant it to be that way, Chief Elder. I just felt that Walker seems strange. Since I grew up with him, I think I already know everything about him.

Even with closed eyes, I can surely distinguish if he stands in front of me.

And I know that the Walker we have to this day is not the same person I knew. He seems different. He is a different person from head to toe. The way he speaks, the way he moves, the way he opens his mouth. He is never the same person I have known for so long.

I was in confusion. I don't know why he turned out to be like that."

Austin slightly smiled. He never expected that there would be someone there who knew Walker very well.

The illusion used by Violet could only copy the appearance of the person and nothing more. He could never mimic the other person's behavior and manners. That was why it would be easy for people who knew Walker well to notice the difference.

Austin realized that he must study the Magical Aura-changing Skill in a deeper sense. With his current level, some might still notice the differences between the illusion and the original body.

The Chief Elder and Steward Meng were all masters with high level cultivation base and they had a wide range of knowledge about the world. It was easy for them to find out that the Walker in front of them was fake.

"I cannot be

be so decisive. Austin acted so fast that they didn't have their chance to react.

For the sake of escaping, he used all his strength for the strike. He also revealed his power as he was at the premium stage of the Earth Realm. The Chief Elder and Steward Meng thought that Austin was exceptional!

Immediately, the Chief Elder and Steward Meng noticed Austin's real level in cultivation base.

As soon as they noticed that Austin ran away, the Chief Elder and Steward Meng chased Austin. They went to the direction going to the outside of the cave. They traveled as fast as they could that they were like the shadows of two ghosts who just swept by.

"Steward Meng, that man stayed in the cave for a long time. He must have left with some treasures. Don't let him get away!"

The Chief Elder shouted with an angry tone.

The Chief Elder and Steward Meng both consumed much of their vital energy and strength when they fought over the Purple Flaming Lion King and the three-eyed scarlet bull. They already killed the two diabolic beasts in exchange of a great energy loss.

As the Chief Elder and Steward Meng left injured, Elder Guan of the medicine Sect was killed by the three-eyed scarlet bull. The Chief Elder's vital energy was greatly consumed in his final full attack on the Purple Flaming Lion King. With the help of medicinal pills, he recovered his few energy and was able to kill the Purple Flaming Lion King.

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