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   Chapter 248 Into The Premium Stage Of Earth Realm (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-25 00:26

Austin and Violet had already checked the left and the middle one out. The right one was new for them.

It was time to go there now.

Austin was eager to try it out. Chances were that more treasures lay behind that path.

"Violet, what do you think of this road on the right? Do you want to go and have a look?"

Austin asked.

"It's up to you, master." Violet answered sincerely.

But she had already sensed the eagerness in her master's mind.

However, Austin frowned suddenly. His sharp spiritual sense warned him that several figures were walking up behind them and would catch up to them soon.

"It's too late. The people from the Medicine Sect have come. Violet, hurry! Hide yourself in the Illusion Bead." Austin hurriedly ordered Violet

as he quickly took out the Illusion Bead from his space ring. It was in the same color as her name, Violet.

Hearing what Austin had ordered, Violet turned herself into a green smoke of light and drifted into the Illusion Bead.

Austin put it back and started the Magical Aura-changing Skill which he had learned from Violet. It would allow him to cover his own features completely so that others could not sense his cultivation base.

According to Violet, if he was able to practice the Magical Aura-changing Skill to a sufficiently high level, it could be used to change his appearance, smell, temperament, and even his physical height. In other words, it would have allowed him to completely turn himself into a totally different person. Even the people who knew him very well with him could not tell who he was.

But Austin was just a beginner and had never practiced much of this skill. Besides, what he really wanted was only to hide his cultivation base. And he was also not interested in practicing a skill that was rarely used.



Steward Meng replied and sighed.

"Are you Walker?"

The Chief Elder suddenly asked Austin slowly while staring at him without even blinking. He seemed to have caught on to something.

Austin got nervous at once. 'Why is the Chief Elder staring at me like that? Is it possible for him to sense my identity even with my Aura Changing Skill?' Austin asked himself.

"Yes, Your Grace. I am Walker." Austin tried to be calm.

"You seem to be good at hiding yourself. The attack from the Purple Flaming Lion King and the three-eyed scarlet bull did not hit your body, but I saw it clearly by my eyes that the aftereffect of their vital energy force was quite powerful and wide enough to injure you. But even after that, you merely passed out, even though you're just at the energy gathering realm. You can fool others, not me!

Walker, I am quite certain that you are at least at the Earth Realm! What do you have to say for yourself? Why are you hiding your real cultivation base from Medicine Sect?"

The Chief Elder's gaze was extremely sharp. He was staring at Austin as if he was ready to teach him a tough lesson if the latter could not give him a reasonable and satisfactory reply.

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