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   Chapter 245 Great Sage Cloud's Remains

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7536

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Master, there seems to be a presence of some powerful crystals here. I can feel it.

When they approached the door on the right, Violet told Austin excitedly.

Austin had the same feeling as well. There seemed to be something special in the room and it felt like it was closely related to his spiritual sense. In fact, it seemed that the two things had the same origin.

Spiritual sense power was a special and rare power which was contained in a cultivator's spiritual soul. Compared to the vital energy which was highly prevalent, spiritual sense was rare and very few people could cultivate it.

Austin could faintly feel that there was an abundance of spiritual sense power in the room.

Without any hesitation, the duo rushed into the room excitedly.

The moment they entered the room, they were shocked.

The room was filled with a brilliant blue light and some sort of smoke seemed to be floating around them. The atmosphere inside was serene and peaceful.

They felt like they had entered a world full of Buddha statues. These Buddha statues looked mighty and stainless and seemed to have been made with blue glaze. A faint fragrance matching orchids or musk lingered in the environment, making the whole room feel like a hermit's house.

Instead of bricks, the wall of the room was made of blue crystals. They emitted an extremely brilliant blue light, which, when mixed with the floating smoke would fill the whole room with a beautiful haze. There were also faint brittle sounds adorning the ambiance.

The room looked mysterious and attractive, as if it was from some sort of mythology.

Austin and Violet felt refreshed, calm, and peaceful on entering the room, as if their spiritual souls had been purified.

Austin was also surprised when he felt that his spiritual sense power had improved a little since entering the room.

After he had swallowed the spiritual soul pieces of the little monkey that invaded his soul sea, Austin's spiritual sense power had extended. It now could cover an area of about four hundred meters around him in diameter.

It was true that such a powerful spiritual sense was remarkable and very few Mysterious Realm cultivators had that much area of coverage.

However, Austi

ead my words, please bury my remains under this bedroom only. He will get a big reward in return for his efforts."

Only now did Austin understand the true reason behind Great Sage Cloud's death.

'Imperial Realm? What kind of realm is that? I've never even heard of it!'

Austin wondered. He knew that the Mysterious Realm was higher than the Earth Realm, but when it came to any realms above the former, he knew nothing.

According to Great Sage Cloud, he had already reached the Holy Realm and Imperial Realm was at least one realm higher than Holy Realm. Clearly, both of those were extremely powerful.

It was the first time that Austin had ever heard about these two realms. However, one thing was clear! These two realms were higher than the Mysterious Realm. As for how much higher, he had no idea.

Austin smiled when he saw the last line which promised a reward to the person

who buried Great Sage Cloud.

"Sir, are these powerful crystals the big reward you mentioned? If that is the case, I have already gotten the reward. But since you are such a respected martial arts master, let me fulfill your wish."

With that, Austin pulled out the Violet Royal Sword. He injected his vital energy into the sword and dug a deep hole right in the middle of the bedroom. Then he transferred Great Sage Cloud's remains into the hole.

When he turned around, he suddenly saw that a silver colored ball about the size of a human fist on the bed where the skeleton had been.

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