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   Chapter 244 Peculiar Cloud Mansion

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Present in the garden were five artists of Mysterious Realm known for their great expertise. They were fighting with great intensity and vigor.

The colossal horn on the head of the three-eyed scarlet bull had the potential of great havoc and great destruction. Added to that was the eye in the middle. It opened once in a while to scatter an emission of light that they found hard to ignore.

Furthermore, the radiant black fur of the giant creature was tremendously strong and hard. It was almost impossible to puncture. Even though the Steward shattered the herbal pot on the animal with immense might for a number of times it did not affect the bull. It simply took a few steps back and came back with new vigor as if nothing happened.

This is the reason why diabolic beasts like this one were generally stronger than mere human beings when they belonged to the same level. Diabolic beasts are much stronger and firm than humans because their bodies are not so vulnerable. Such beasts could easily shirk of blows often deadly for humans.

Normally when a human got hurt fighting such an indomitable creature of such high level chances are he would sustain serious injuries. In worse cases the man could succumb to death.

Surprisingly, even after deathly attacks a diabolic beast may still stand straight and strong ready to face more.

Evidently it was not a cakewalk for the three martial arts from the Medicine Sect who wanted to massacre these two invincible beasts in limited period of time.

On the other hand the beast would have a tough time killing these three master martial artists.

The main reason was because of the same cultivation base. Whilst the three martial artists had comparatively weaker bodies compared to the ungodly beasts they were proficient in the techniques of martial arts. Skillfully these three cultivators kept on performing versatile and esoteric movements in order to make it difficult for the creature to fight back.

Besides, the three martial artists of Mysterious Realm consumed many pills that helped them to restore their vitality rapidly during such encounters.

Previously about forty to fifty disciples of the Medicine Sect were severely injured and even suffered so

the hope of finding something even more exciting. He found out that these books were chests of great knowledge and dealt with various topics.

To his surprise he found books that were on weapon refinement, music, farming and even cooking. . The books covered almost every topic a person could think of. It proved that Great Sage Cloud was indeed an expert in many fields.

After going through a few of these books he lost his patience and decided that he needed all of them. So he simply threw it in the Space Ring.

Then his eyes were fixed on the jade slips.

The slips were dainty little things. They were of the size slightly smaller than the human palm. They were made of jade. With a glow to their appearance they were translucent.

To his astonishment, they are books about martial arts!

As Austin already had some knowledge of martial arts that the jade slips recorded he knew approximately what these books were about just by a single look.

"Master, we must hurry up, please! We have what we need—the powerful crystal. Now we should make our way out of the Cloud cave without delay.

We are not sure as to when the five martial artists of Mysterious Realm will stop battling. No matter who wins we won't have an easy escape."

the concerned Violet reminded Austin.

Austin without a jolt understood what he heard. Without a moment's hesitation he dropped everything in his Space Ring.

"Violet let's quickly look around in the next room as well."

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