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   Chapter 243 The Pill Room

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 11312

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When the five masters of the Mysterious Realm were fighting with each other, the disciples of the Medicine Sect flocked to the garden.

Watching the masters attacking each other with such ferocity instilled a great fear within the onlooking disciples. The five masters were airborne, flying back and forth and putting their brilliant martial art skills to good use. Great volumes of vital energy force were released as the masters fought, each attack generating a power that seemed to be able to destroy the whole world.

The disciples of the Medicine Sect wanted to help, but they knew that their joining the fight would make no sense. In such a battle, more people didn't necessarily mean a greater possibility of winning. There was an impassable gulf that separated the Mysterious Realm from the Earth and Energy Gathering Realms. A warrior who was of the Mysterious Realm could easily kill dozens of Earth Realm warriors.

Austin was also dumbstruck. The battle helped him realize that he was too weak to face the masters of the Mysterious Realm. His cultivation base was way too inferior to theirs.

Austin had been watching the battle for a while, awestruck, when it occurred to him that he could grasp the chance to search for any hidden treasure here rather than just standing here and watching the masters fight with each other.

Once the masters stopped fighting, he wouldn't have a chance to search.

'Just enjoy the battle to the fullest, masters. It's a heaven-sent opportunity for me!' Austin thought.

Austin stealthily moved away from the Medicine Sect's disciples. Using his Wind-commanding Skill, he shifted himself 20 meters forward in each go. After several uses of the Skill, he was at the end of the garden corridor.

Austin was about to disappear around the end, when the Purple Flaming Lion King and the three-eyed scarlet bull discovered him at the same time.

Austin disguised himself as a disciple of the Medicine Sect and the two diabolic beasts took offence as they saw him. The Purple Flaming Lion King put up his right paw and sent a purple fireball at Austin.

The three-eyed scarlet bull blinked his middle eye, causing a ray of laser-like blood-red light to shoot at Austin.

Looking at Austin's back, three warriors of the Medicine Sect who were of the Mysterious Realm, mistakenly identified him as a disciple of their Sect. It made them happy to see that one of their disciples was so clever that he was looking to grab the chance to retrieve the treasures.

These three warriors wanted to help Austin against the Purple Flaming Lion King and the three-eyed scarlet bull, but it was too late.

Austin sensed through his superior spiritual abilities that there was something special going on behind him. It shocked him to know that the two diabolic beasts were trying to attack him.


There was a loud sound as the Purple Flaming Lion King's purple fireball and the three-eyed scarlet bull's blood red light came crashing at the ground just a meter behind Austin. Soil splashing and ground cracking, the two forces had created a deep hole that was several meters deep.

The violent shock wave of vital energy force caused Austin to be thrown forward like a bullet shooting out of a gun. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared around the end of the garden corridor.

Such a pity.

The three mast

o reaching the Earth Realm, they used the Energy-prevailing Elixir to help them make it. For Austin, these pills were of no value except to provide some vital energy for him to absorb.

But what if he sold these pills to others? He could make a lot of money by selling these! For those warriors wanting to reach the ninth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, Energy-prevailing Elixirs were as precious as their lives. They would, without a doubt, buy one no matter how expensive it was.

Austin opened several jade bottles in succession. Most of the pills in the bottles were new to him. But he could tell that they were valuable by their scents.

Austin stopped opening all of them. Instead, he put all the jade bottles on the shelves into his Space Ring. When he had enough time, he would check them one by one. But now, he needed to hurry up.

After collecting the jade bottles, Austin spotted a herbal pot which sat at the center of the pill room.

The herbal pot was puce and was ancient and heavy. It was neither made of stone nor iron, and Austin couldn't tell what it was made of. There were figures of odd birds and beasts carved on it, some of which Austin didn't know.

There were also mysterious symbols and inscriptions on it, which looked rather uncommon.

The pot wasn't that big in volume either.

Austin thought, 'I am planning to buy a herbal pot anyway. How about taking this one?

And it belongs to the Great Sage Cloud. It couldn't be of a low grade.

It must be excellent—much, much better than those sold in ordinary weapon stores.'

Thinking about it, Austin stepped forward and transferred the herbal pot to his Space Ring.

Then he threw a last glance across the room to make sure he didn't miss anything valuable. Seeing that he didn't, he turned to Violet.

"Let's go. Maybe we should go to other places and have a look," Austin said to her. They made their way back to the fork. This time, they chose the middle road.

The five masters who were of the Mysterious Realm were still fighting fiercely with each other.

Steward Meng was relatively weak among the five of them. There was blood at the corner of his mouth, his vital energy and blood rolling over irregularly within him.

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