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   Chapter 242 Entering the Cloud Cave (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6002

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Now, since brother Bull wants to go inside together; after you, please!"

The Three-eyed Scarlet Bull and Purple Flaming Lion King looked at each other and then the Bull walked towards the gate first with a heavy grunt. Nobody knew what information the two diabolic beasts had exchanged just now.

Elder Guan wasn't willing to be left behind. He quickly reached to the Bull's side in one step and they both entered the cave side by side. That gate was large enough for several people to walk in together.

After that, the Lion King, the three Mysterious Realm Warriors of Medicine Sect and Master Yuan all walked in. Behind them, the disciples of Medicine Sect also rushed into the cave at once.

Austin was also mixed among the disciples and stepped inside with them.

An enormous hall greeted them as soon as they got inside. The ornaments which lay in that hall were gorgeous, refined and glorious. But they weren't treasures by any means. They were just some chairs, tables etc. that adorned the hall.

But there was a corridor which extended backwards on the right side of the hall.

The two diabolic beasts and the three Mysterious Realm Warriors of Medicine Sect had taken the lead and walked towards that corridor.

A large garden appeared in front of them once they reached the end of the corridor. There were a lot of strange flowers and grass growing inside even in the absence of sunlight. The grove was thick and the bamboo looked refined. A fountain and a waterfall adorned the sides of the bamboo. A path in the middle led to the shadowy parts and from time to time, a fish would leap out of the fountain or an agile rabbit would cross the path.

The garden was really beautiful!

In addition to the beautiful scenery, there was also a pleasant and gentle f

will have enough time to split up these herbs. What do you say?

These herbs are only one of the kinds of treasure that adorn this cave. I'm sure that we can find more valuable treasures if we walk farther inside. If we work together and kill these people, we can patiently take those up for ourselves. That is the best I can think right now."

The Purple Flaming Lion King suggested.

"You're right. We diabolic beasts have been the opponents to these humans since ancient times. Let's kill them first."

The Three-eyed Scarlet Bull agreed at once.

The Three Mysterious Realm Warriors knew that the two diabolic beasts wanted to monopolize the treasures in the Cloud Cave. And now to protect the treasure, they had no choice but to fight with them and winning was the only option.

Consequently, the fight among the five Mysterious Realm Warriors began.

The Chief Elder started fighting against the Purple Flaming Lion King; and Steward Meng and Elder Guan fought against the Three-eyed Scarlet Bull.

To keep these herbs safe, all of these warriors paid special attention and made special efforts to control their vital energy so that the herbs wouldn't be damaged.

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