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   Chapter 241 Entering the Cloud Cave (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6497

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:19

Spirits began to rise all around as the thunder coming from the six pillars grew louder and louder.

"Just hang on a bit longer, the formations are nearly down.!"

Master Yuan, whose cultivation base has to be at least on the premium stage of Earth Realm was also attacking one of the pillars along with other disciples. By coincidence, Austin happened to be standing beside him.

Finally, to their delight, cracks began to form in the pillars. At the same time, a noise, an incessant ringing, accompanied those cracks. And after a moment, those cracks started to increase and grow larger.

Finally, when the scale of those cracks was large enough, a huge explosion resounded in the air.


The six pillars of the defense formation burst together, turned into powdery dust which scattered all around. Several of their pieces did not break down completely and were hurled around in the form of stones.

Some of the disciples, especially those whose movement skills were not quite developed and had lower cultivation bases were hit by the stones and hurt badly in continuous screams. However, no one was fatally injured.

Finally, when the powder completely disappeared, the place where those pillars had been standing began to twist and turn, rippling into different shades of light in front of the surprised crowd.

Suddenly, they saw that a magnificent and elegant bronze gate with animal rings hung over it had gradually emerged in front of them.

It was the gate of the Cloud Cave!

For a moment, nobody moved and they all gazed in awe at the magnificent gate which

the treasures left by the Great Sage Cloud were hidden behind. And those treasures are what they came for.

"Let's go!"

Steward Meng of Medicine Sect was a very impatient person and didn't want to waste time gazing at a stupid gate. The treasure he had come so far away for was right in front of him, how could he wait any longer now!

ward Meng wanted to step into the gate first.

After studying the unkind gaze of the two diabolic beasts, the Chief Elder appraised the current situation in his mind and immediately understood that the two diabolic beasts still wanted to monopolize the treasures of the Cloud Cave.

It looked like they could not avoid a fight with these two diabolic beasts.

However, the opponents were pretty strong and he was afraid that the result would either not be in their favor, or would take a long time to come out.

Therefore, the Chief Elder decided to enter the cave first instead of arguing with the two diabolic beasts, so that they could figure the situation inside out, and the most important reason was that they would have the chance to get the powerful crystal. At that time, their power would be strong enough to win the probable fight. So, wasting time outside the cave wasn't a sensible action.

Avoiding the beasts' eyes, he winked at Elder Guan and Steward Meng as soon as he made his decision.

"Ha ha, brother Bull, don't get angry. I think it's unnecessary for us to waste too much time outside the cave. The most important thing right now is to enter the cave and figure out exactly what is inside and if there are further defensive measures hidden in there.

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